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  • Specifying Plated Thru-hole diameters for Solderless Press-fit Connectors
    : if a discrete receptacle has a. hexagonal across points diameter of .109”. The hole prior to plating through should be Ø.1095”, i.e.: use a #35 or. 2,8mm drill. (Actual hole diameters are usually .0005” smaller than the nominal drill size in FR-4). The nominal. finished hole size with copper would then be Ø.106
  • Semipermanent Pins
    . The two basic types of semipermanent pins are machine pins and radial-locking pins. Machine pins are separated into four categories: dowel, taper, clevis, and cotter. are standardized in nominal diameters ranging from 1/16 to 7/8 in. Standard pins are 0.0002 in. oversize on the nominal diameter
  • Case Study: Subsurface Defect Analysis of Small Diameter Copper Rod
    Two samples of solid copper rod of approximately .30" diameter were tested in a 3 wavelength (N: 3) resonance mode EMAT (RM-EMAT). Transducer ID was .410" nominal. One of the samples has had a .040" hole end drilled approximately 1.25" deep. This sample was tested on an ARIS lab unit hand fed
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    . In general, the larger the diameter, the lower the rated pressure: as the diameter of a balloon increases, the stress in the balloon wall also increases when inflated to its nominal diameter. One major advantage of PET is its unusual ability to be molded into ultrathin walls from 5 to 50 mm (0.0002
  • Optical Fiber Array With Precise Hole Sizing
    , manufacturers have turned to using silicon wafers and photo-etching the holes using microchip photo-etching techniques in order to form a matrix of holes with acceptable tolerances. Generally, etching a nominal 125 micron hole in a 400 micron thick wafer can be achieved with a .+-.2 micron tolerance
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    atm and rated burst pressures in the range of 12 -20 atm. Multiple deployments may be necessary, so balloon fatigue is also a factor. Finally, to prevent damage to vessel walls caused by overinflation, balloons must have reliable diameters along the length of the balloon at nominal pressure
  • Common Styles of 60 degree Center Holes per JIS B 1011:1987 (.pdf)
    . 1.38. (8)00. 170.0. 22.40. 22.40. 11.5. 20. 7.79. 09.35. 09.79. 70. 1.56. 100.0. 21.20. 280.0. 280.0. 14.2. 2.2. 9.70. 11.66. 11.90. 8.7. 1.96. NOTE 1: The value l shall not be less than the value t. NOTE: The nominal diameters in parentheses should not be used whenever possible. A14
  • Fittings: Tapered Pipe Fittings
    Nominal pipe sizes do not match the outside or inside thread diameter. To determine pipe sizes up to 1¼", measure the outside diameter of the threads. Subtract ¼" for the pipe thread size. (example, a fitting measures ¾" at the large end, then subtract ¼", the fitting in question is a ½" pipe