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  • Advances in pH Measurement in High-Temperature Biotech Processes
    is the capacitance
  • Usage Temperatures of Piezoceramic Materials
    materials to applied voltage. K3 is the ratio of the capacitance of a piezoceramic to an equivalent structure formed with vacuum between the electrodes. Figure 1: Coupling Coefficient d33 vs Curie Temperature. Note the logarithmic scale of the vertical axis. Plotted here are many
  • MICRO: Products
    diaphragm sensor technology and an advanced digital microprocessor. Based on Baratron capacitance technology, the transducers ensure greater accuracy in lower pressure ranges than strain-gauge-based models. Their compact envelope (125 x 25 mm) and integrated rotatable LED meet the strict footprint
  • An Overview of the Properties of Different Piezoceramic Materials
    . The coefficient K3 compares the capacitance of the piezoceramic to a capacitance of a pair of plates of the same area and gap, but with only air between the plates. Typical values of K3 are in the range of hundreds or thousands. The capacitance of a piezoceramic is sensitive to the stress