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  • Description: Germanium is extracted from germanium bearing zinc ores or from certain coal ores, collecting the flue dusts after the burning process. It can occasionally be found in copper ores. We refine germanium at our facility in the USA.

    • Applications: Other
    • Metal / Alloy Types: White / Low Melting (UNS L), Other / Miscellaneous Nonferrous (UNS M)
    • Shape / Form: Semi-finished Shape / Mill Stock, Ingot
    • Specialty Alloy: Yes

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  • Description: ancillary products. We offer a complete service; the supply of precious metal replenishment salts and anodes, process chemistry, plating equipment as well as refining spent solutions and scraps. This provides a "one-stop-shop" enabling customers to reduce complexity and the number of

    • Nonferrous Metals: Non-ferrous - Any Type, Noble / Precious Metal (UNS P)

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  • Description: on today. Indium is extracted primarily from indium-bearing zinc or tin ores and purified to various grades utilizing state-of-the-art statistical process controlled refining technologies. Indium Corporation produces and refines indium in the USA, Korea, and China. No other metal is

    • Metal / Alloy Types: Metal / Metal Alloys, All Types, Non-ferrous, White / Low Melting (UNS L), Indium / Indium Alloys
    • Applications: Other
    • Tensile Modulus (E): 1537 ksi

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  • Description: Tube, Brake Lines CONSUMER: Screw Lamp Bases INDUSTRIAL: Condenser Plates, Condensers, Weld Torch Tips, Heat Exchanger Tubes, Valve Bodies, Evaporator Tubes, Pressure Vessels, Distiller Tubes, Pump Impellers for Oil Refining, Ferrules, Evaporators MARINE: Boat Hulls, Tube Sheet for Salt

    • AISI / AA / CDA Grade: 706
    • Alloy: Yes
    • Applications: Automotive / Vehicular, Marine, Pressure Vessel (PVQ), Wear Parts / Tooling
    • Features: Corrosion Resistant

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  • Description: Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) specializes in providing process design, applied chemical engineering, and process safety services to the petroleum refining, chemical production, alternative fuels, and all other process industries. PROCESS personnel are experienced, highly

    • Materials / Material Products: Abrasives, Adhesives / Sealants, Carbon / Graphite, Ceramics, Coatings / Paint, Elastomers / Rubber, Glass, Metals / Elements, Non-ferrous, Minerals, Nuclear Materials, Plastics, Pulp & Paper, Semiconductor Materials, Textiles
    • Chemicals / Chemical Products: Acetylenes, Alcohols, Biochemicals / APIs, Catalysts / Initiators, Chemical Agents / Additives, Cleaners / Surface Active Agents, Coolants / Refrigerants, Cosmetics / Soaps, Filler / Extenders, Foods / Beverages, Inorganic Chemicals, Lubricants / Greases, Monomers & Intermediates, Oils &
    • Form: Gas / Liquid Gas, Liquids, Powders, Nanomaterials, Bulk Solids / Granules, Waste / Scrap
    • Regional Preference: North America, United States Only, Northeast US Only, Southern US Only, Northwest US Only

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  • Description: Clean Harbors has been a trusted source for environmental, energy and industrial services since 1980. Because of Clean Harbors' commitment to health and safety, and quality conscious philosophy, unique expertise and capabilities, and reputation for keeping our customers' needs first, customers

    • Materials / Material Products: Adhesives / Sealants, Coatings / Paint, Elastomers / Rubber, Glass / Fiberglass, Metals / Elements, Ferrous / Iron Based (Steel, Stainless), Non-ferrous, Aluminum / Aluminum Alloy, Cobalt / Cobalt Alloy, Copper / Copper Alloy, Nickel / Nickel Alloy, Noble / Precious Metal,
    • Process Technology: Abatement / Containment, Blending / Mixing, Cleaning / Stripping, Destruction (Shredding, Incineration, etc.), Encapsulation / Encasement, Filtration / Extraction, Packaging / Microencapsulation, Recovery / Extraction, Recycling / Reclamation, Refining / Purification, Site Cleanup /
    • Chemicals / Chemical Products: Alcohols, Biochemicals / APIs, Catalysts / Initiators, Chemical Agents / Additives, Cleaners / Surface Active Agents, Coolants / Refrigerants, Inorganic Chemicals, Lubricants / Greases, Monomers and Intermediates, Oils and Fuels, Organic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals / Drugs, Polymers,
    • Form: Bulk Solids / Granules, Gas / Liquid Gas, Liquids, Nanomaterials / Nanoparticles, Powders, Webs / Continuous Stock, Waste / Scrap

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