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  • Guide for the Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Silent Check Valves
    direction and stop reverse flow. A check valve is expected to operate automatically whenever normal flow ceases and if properly selected it will do this year after year.
  • 6. Advanced sed Commands
    is output and the pattern space is cleared. Then a new line is read into the pattern space and control passes back to the top of the script. That is the normal flow of control in a sed script. The scripts in this chapter interrupt or break the normal flow of control for various reasons. They might want
  • Medical Device Link .
    of a coronary stent is in the order of 1.5 -3 mm in diameter and 15 -30 mm in length. Brain stents are much smaller and leg stents are much larger. Once implanted at the site of an arterial lesion, a stent 's role is to keep the blood vessel open and permit the normal flow of blood through the artery
  • Why is the microphone pressure reference 2*10**(-5) Pascals?
    This seemingly simple question is actually quite fundamental. To answer the question we need to consider sound intensity. Now sound intensity is defined as "the average rate of flow of energy through a unit area normal to the direction of wave propagation". The average rate of flow of energy
  • Heat-Loss Patterns in National Football League Players as Measured by Infrared Thermography (.pdf)
    Football League players. Shunting of blood flow to the pterygoid plexus appears to be a normal compensation for increased body temperature generated by working muscles. Players demonstrated an increase in blood flow by infrared measure while resting on the sidelines. Failure to adequately increase
  • Lens Polishing with I-Scan
    Sensor model 5051, shown in the inset of figure 1, measures the forces normal to a stationary part due to hydrodynamic flow. Figure 2 shows a top view and oblique view of the "D" shaped removal "spot," representative of material removal without part rotation.
  • Medical Device Link .
    membrane materials to a supporting substrate. In a typical lateral-flow application, bonding of the component materials is accomplished when the adhesive penetrates into the porous materials, thereby linking them together. This process of adhesive migration under normal conditions is known as cold
  • The ESDU Engineer - Issue 11
    FP is a CFD (computational fluid dynamics) method coded in Fortran for calculating the flow field and aerodynamic forces of a wing or wing-body combination in a subsonic stream, including the effects of shock waves. It utilises a numerical relaxation scheme to solve finite-difference forms

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