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  • Simple Improvements, Significant Results - published in Power Engineering (.pdf)
    Digital control systems and advanced technologies like selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and low-NOx burners are commonly used in the power industry. Yet poor or inconsistent damper actuation remains a limiting factor in boiler control.
  • Coal Strategy and Boiler Optimization
    required the fuel switching, low NOx burners, overfire air, and more recently selective catalytic reduction (SCRs). As we approach Phase III of the 1990 CAAA, the electric utility industry is forced to move to flue gas desulfurization (FGD) coupled with SCRs and, in many cases now, fabric filters
  • Chemical Sensor Could Enable New Ways To Monitor Pollutants
    referred to as NOx, which is primarily a combination of nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide. It also removes the interference from carbon monoxide that can cause sensors to produce inaccurate readings. wants to curb production of NOx, because these compounds contribute to ground-level ozone, smog
  • Keeping it Clean
    over the air-gas. • Furnaces. mixture, so you end up running it richer,. • Ranges. and you get more emissions. High. • Hot Water Heaters. combustion temperatures also create. • Bake Ovens. high NOx levels, and NOx is a major. • Deep Fat Fryers. target emission. On that level, the burner. • Rotisserie
  • Emission Systems Optimization to Meet Future European Legislation (.pdf)
    Euro IV emissions limits have become a major milestone for the car industry in Europe. To comply with reduced emissions targets, a significant effort was required to minimize light-off time and to improve steady state performance for the pollutants HC and NOx. Microsoft Word - 2004-01-0138.doc
  • Humidifier Case Study (GTS): Region of Waterloo Water Testing Laboratory; Ontario, Canada
    tank sediment. fungi, chemical interactions and ozone production. (more prevalent when levels are above 60% RH). Installed in the mechanical room, the DRI-STEEM GTS humidifier. uses multiple low nitrogen oxide (NOx) burners to heat water in. With proper humidification, employees at the. the evaporating
  • New Generation of Premix Gas Blowers (.pdf)
    or outlet. provide the required amount of oxygen. to ensure optimum combustion. for complete combustion. efficiency resulting in lower NOx and CO. The products of combustion (i.e. emissions. Product features include die-. flue products) are primarily carbon. cast aluminum gas tight housings, anti
  • The Greening of Carbon Fiber
    Program for Carbon Fiber Processing. Megacity Car to Be Sole User of Ultra Lightweight Fiber. Low NOX Gas Infrared Burner. Carbon Fiber Technology Facility Opens to Drive Clean Manufacturing. Hard-Drive Maker Buys New Emissions System. Despatch to Fill Oven Orders for China Companies. Related Products

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