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  • NOx Removal Technology
    There are several techniques for removal of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) depending on the composition/temperature/removal efficiencies. . NOx Removal Technology. Home. Scrubbers. Oxidizers. Air Strippers. Aeration Columns. NOx. Carbon Systems. Fiberbeds. Contact us. Links. There are several techniques
  • Dual SCR Aftertreatment for Lean NOx Reduction (.pdf)
    by Miyadera and others (12,13), who. t. C. c. u. use one or more catalysts to remove these species. A. d 15. r. o. later study of a combined catalyst system by Arve et al. P 10. (14) also examined the effect of a second catalyst on. 5. improving low and high temperature NOx removal. One. 0. reaction that can
  • Monitoring, Feedback and Control of Urea SCR Dosing Systems for NOx Reduction: Utilizing an Embedded Model and Ammonia Sensing (.pdf)
    and active reaction for the. for such a closed loop control approach. removal of NOx in the presence of excess oxygen. This. has been well demonstrated in stationary catalytic. applications [1]. For mobile applications where it is not. This paper reviews model based control and a closed. possible
  • Evaporative Cooling: The Best Way to Cool Hot Gases and Reduce Emissions
    cooling in a variety of applications. Cooling prior to baghouse or ESP, NOx control and SO2 removal are areas where evaporative cooling via spray technology is ideally suited. All air atomizing nozzles are not alike. In fact, very few are suitable for use in gas conditioning. High efficiency nozzles
  • U.S. Patents | 2004 | A B T |
    U.S. BATTERY AND FUEL CELL PATENTS Compiled by Eddie T. Seo Official Gazette, Volume 1284 (July 2004) U.S. 6,758,035 (20040706), Method and apparatus for purging SOX from a NOX trap, Rudolf M. Smaling, Arvin Technologies, Inc. U.S. 6,758,101 (20040706), Steam to carbon ratio control in steam
  • Analytical techniques
    . The only defensible answer to this question is a very strong yes. While environmental monitoring up to this time has been largely limited to a few targeted gases like SO2 and NOX, process engineers have for years been accurately measuring the same wide range of gases environmental managers are now
  • Importance of the Proper Design of Fly-Ash Filter (.pdf)
    more air to correct for the. perceived discrepancy in the desired level of excess O2 . This in turns creates problems with increase fuel. See Chart #1. At Point “A”, the calibration gas is introduced. consumption (lowered profits) and NOx emissions. to the cell and into the fly-ash filter (which

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