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TegMeR ® 809   HallStar Chemical Additives and Agents acts as a nucleating agent and lowers Tg of the plastic to allow for faster and lower temperature processing.

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...a low carbon footprint with excellent physical properties, low density, and good recyclability, giving manufacturers a versatile and sustainable material option. Nucleating agents have long been used in polypropylene to provide increased stiffness and more efficient processing. But, nucleating agents...

...a Polyethylene Resin. Foam densities are controlled by numerous parameters. and variables like processing conditions, additives, type. Conclusion: of blowing agents, nucleating agents, resins and rheology. Applying the rheological technique of a temperature. modifiers, etc [7]. One phenomenon that most foaming... the flexural test only at 75 kGy, when the deflection first decreased significantly. Samples 9 and 10 further emphasized the differences in character among the three tests. For these two nearly identical samples--which differed only in auxiliary additives and not in stabilizers or nucleating agent--very... the starting resin, a compound may require additional ingredients such as heat and light stabilizers, antioxidants, processing aids, or lubricants. Other common additives include plasticizers, cross-linking agents, coupling agents, reinforcements, nucleating agents, and conductive additives.1 Heat...

The rate at which crystallinity develops in SPS can be controlled through the use of comonomers or the addition of nucleating agents. In injection molding, the temperature of the mold surface has also shown a major effect on crystallization. Each of these factors can be utilized to vary both... and John T. Wallace, 3M. the highly metastable nature of a “kineti-. cally frozen” glass state, conversion to. extremely good so that nanoparticulate. nanoscale glass-ceramic occurs without the. dispersions do not become contaminated. need for nucleating agents. The conversion. by media wear debris...

...and resistance to softening at elevated temperature expected of the polypropylene. Second, certain organic nucleating agents greatly improve the clarity of polypropylenes by producing only very small crystals in the polymer. These smaller crystals are below the size that scatters visible light...

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