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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LCD-S401C52TR Newark / element14 LUMEX Not Provided LUMEX - LCD-S401C52TR - NUMERIC LCD DISPLAY
LCD-S401C71TR Newark / element14 LUMEX Not Provided LUMEX - LCD-S401C71TR - NUMERIC LCD DISPLAY
LCD-S301C31TR Digi-Key Lumex Opto/Components Inc Optoelectronics LCD 3 DIGIT .31" REFLECTIVE TN
LCD-S401C39TR Newark / element14 LUMEX Not Provided LUMEX - LCD-S401C39TR - NUMERIC LCD DISPLAY
LCD-S401C39TR Digi-Key Lumex Opto/Components Inc Optoelectronics LCD 4 DIGIT .39" REFLECTIVE TN
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  • hy 214 datasheets and application notes, data sheet, circuit, pdf, cross reference, pinout, datasheet |
    First line: PD7225GB d7227g* pd7225 CJ910 CJ910* U-oS Icf-i'^ {iPD7225 7/14 Segment Controller/Driver ^P07225 programmable peripheral device containing circuitry necessary interfacing microprocessor wide variety alpha- numeric Liquid Crystal Displays ( LCDs ). display controller hardware automatically synchronizes Abstract: .. play data addreSllIlg Upon...
  • The bases of the TV technology
    The line number usually allows to recognize the initial application target the computer screen by the LCDs .
  • Handbook of Visual Display Technology
    Thus, the first displays in mobile terminals were single-line numeric segment displays, based on simple twisted-nematic (TN) liquid-crystal displays ( LCDs ).
  • Digital visual acuity test using calculator-type numerals with geometric gradation.
    The authors have developed a visual acuity test using numeric optotypes with dimensions similar to numerals used in liquid crystal displays ( LCDs ) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
  • Lumex datasheets and application notes, data sheet, circuit, pdf, cross reference, pinout, datasheet |
    First line: .39" Dual Numeric Displays Abstract: .. LEDs, LCDs , SMTs, Opto-Couplers and Displays from Lumex, Inc..
  • Integrated Roadmapping
    So, the focus group of displays an initiative for recycling of flat displays (LCD) has abutted. Thus must the account to be carried in advance trend of growing sale numbers for LCDs that allow to expect zeitversetzt increasing waste currents.
  • Innovations for a sustainable development
    So, the focus group of displays an initiative has for recycling of flat displays (LCD) ange-spiraled. In this manner soUte of sale numbers fiir LCDs growing to the trend, that zeitversetzt increasing to allow to expect waste current, the account to be carried friihzeitig.
  • NXP LCD drivers PCA8537 and PCF8537 for 352 segments
    Key features `` Up`to`352`elements`for`driving`up`to` -`44`seven-segment` numeric `characters -`22`fourteen-segment`alphanumeric`characters `` AEC-Q100`compliance`(PCA8537) `` Selectable`backplane`driver`configuration:`static... regions `` Selectable` display `bias`configurations `` Wide`range`of`digital`power`supply:`1.8`to`5.5`V `` Wide`LCD`supply`range:`from`2.5`V`for`low-threshold` LCDs ` up`to`9.0`V`for`high-threshold`nematic`and`VA`LCDs `` Display`memory`bank`switching`in`static,`duplex,`and` quadruplex`drive`modes `` 352-bit`RAM`for`display`storage `` Programmable`frame`frequency`from`60`to`300`Hz`in`steps` of`10`Hz`(factory`calibrated) `` Integrated`temperature`sensor`with`temperature`readout `` On-chip`calibration`of`internal`oscillator`frequency`and`VLCD `` Manufactured`in`silicon`gate`CMOS`process .
  • Calibration Instruments
    • Digital devices display numeric values and can be setup or programmed with a digital keypad or... • Cathode ray tubes (CRTs), liquid crystal displays ( LCDs ), or other multi-line displays provide visual output of controls and results for the user.
  • Innovation strategies of Japanese and German companies
    Samsung and LPL are active particularly in the region of the notebook and monitor- LCDs and operate the TV-region in lesser numbers of pieces. Although the commercialization of the flat panel display technologies in the passing of the industrial development through Japanese companies was dominated, first technological openings took place, and applications in USA.
  • The Dichroic Display: Promise Fulfilled?
    Generally, the GHD is best suited for display applications where a lower information density is acceptable (direct... TN- LCDs are best suited for higher information density applications such as portable terminals and other such alpha numeric or limited graphics applications.
  • Instrument Clusters for Electric Vehicles
    Using more recent technologies, the same analog appearance can be obtained through the use of computer-like cathode-ray tubes (CRTs) or high-resolution liquid crystal displays ( LCDs ). Here the information is exhibited in numeric format, usually through the use of vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs...
  • Void formations in liquid crystal displays: a case study
    OPERATIONAL USES OF DICHROIC LCDS Military operational use of dichroic displays are mainly in two categories: segmented alpha- numeric displays, (ARC-164 and ARC- 190 communications/ navigation radio) and fixed format (engine monitoring instruments).
  • Electronic components
    ...of the electric field in parallel for preferred direction grösser than the dielectricity number ⊥ at electric... crystal- displays ( LCDs .
  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering: Book and CD-ROM
    Display devices can be categorized as on/off indicators, numeric , alphanumeric, or graphical displays . ...light-emitting diodes (LEDs), whereas passive display devices, such as liquid-crystal displays ( LCDs ), reflect or absorb...