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  • Novel bistable reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display device for use with night vision goggles
    However, due to the monochromatic reflection of Ch- LCDs, LEDs (light emitting diodes) can be used to illuminate the display without affecting the NVIS spectral regions. Furthermore, the NVIS Ch- LCD can be viewed using the infrared content of the ambient environment.
  • US Army Weapon Systems Human-Computer Interface (WSHCI) style guide, Version 1
    IPD IR LAN LCD LED LLTV LOS MOPP NBC NRT NVIS PLI PNNL QWERTY RGB RT TAFIM UI WSHCI WSTAWG head-up display hertz interpupillary distance infixired...
  • Military display market segment: wearable and portable
    16,910 Inorganic LED LIC, NVIS , Army 49.50 x 13.56 (1.949 x 0.534 81,597 Passive LCD .
  • LED Backlights Done Right
    Although most commercial LED rails for LCD displays are designed to be driven serially, General Digital employs a serial-parallel design philosophy, whereby we drive the LEDs in groupings of three or four. ...needs is the fact that LEDs are ideally suited to sunlight readable and NVIS (Night Vision Imaging...
  • Table of contents
    Mapping Relation of Parameters between Spectrum and Chromaticity of LEDs for NVIS Green-A ..................................157 Field-line coupling interference prediction of LCD module in high-power TEA CO2 laser system....................................169 .
  • Environmental qualification of the MH-53J color multifunction display
    I NVIS - ...for the SH-60R LAMPS platform, and had a good understanding of the lead times, risks, and... Selection of a COTS LCD panel, however, did raise legitimate concerns.
  • Military Avionics Systems
    ...346 Late gate, 122, 123, 146 Lateral Navigation, 291 Lateral track errors, 280 Lead Silicide, 199 Lead... 177, 185, 342, 354, 410, 455 NVIS , 455, 471–475 ...threshold setting, 115 Red Top, 177 Reduced Vertical Separation Minima, 265, 322 Reflective LCD projector, 457, 458...
  • Touch Screen Technology and Applications in Avionics
    ...of the screen are lit by directly illuminating the edges with a diffused LED array or by... ...Ruggedness Concerns Ghost touches are possible (unless more than 2 cameras are used) NVIS compatibility: IR is... touch screen overlay needed Compactness, fully integrated in the Liquid Crystal Display ( LCD ) panel NVIS compliant...
  • Military market for flat panel displays
    Electromechanical LCD Liquid Crystal Display LED Multi-Stage Improvement Program NVIS .
  • Photometric and Colorimetric Measurement Procedures for Airborne Electronic Flat Panel Displays — SAE ARP 4260
    14 Lighting, Aircraft, Night Vision Imaging System ( NVIS ) Compatible , MIL-STD-3009 , 2 February 2001 . ...P.E., M.S., C.L.E.P., Display Optics and Lighting System Lead , Flight Deck Engineering... ...Liquid Crystal Color Shutter; Boeing Commercial Airplane Group for development of the 777 LCD flight deck; OIS...
  • A polarized head-mounted projective display
    Rolland has been developing an OLED-based (organic light emitting display) prototype, collaborating with NVIS Inc [12]. In HMPD designs, using a 50/50 regular beamsplitter leads to the loss of at least 75% of... LCD .
  • Bonding Components
    Dontech is a leading designer and manufacturer of optical bonding components including: • For LCD cover glass, a polished (92 gloss) or antiglare (60 gloss per ATM-D-523 modified... For night vision imaging system ( NVIS ) compatibility, Dontech applies thin film coatings to glass substrates and then...