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  • Cost of ownership for military cargo aircraft using a common versus disparate display configuration
    Electromechanical Height Indicators, manufactured by Northrup Grumman (pka Litton; found on numerous aircraft), each embodying a monochrome LED window measuring 1.56 x … … Collins, using Super Twisted Nematic LCD technology for the display … … light source (no backlight), NVIS Green A capability (although …
  • Absorptive bandpass filters for NVIS-compatible crewstations
    While different lighting technologies have been developed and introduced in the cockpit (Electroluminescent, LED and LCD lighting, etc.), the subminiature incandescent lamp remains the most common source of general crewstation lighting. When an aircraft equipped with incandescent lighting is retrofitted for NVIS -compatible lighting, it is usually easier …
  • You must have an active matrix LCD ... or maybe not
    Three instruments that provide just such a solution for a bubble canopy environment and that also include NVIS Green A chromaticity and NVIS Class A radiance-compliant LED backlighting will be reviewed, along with their operational requirements. Keywords: LCD , AMLCD, TRANSFLECTIVE, NVIS GREEN A, DEDICATED FUNCTION .
  • Performance and development considerations for a new generation of land vehicle displays
    … offers us the advantages of: Reduced power consumption (about 10 times lower backlight power) Wider operating temperature ranges without special design features (no heater) Reduced system level complexity leading to higher reliability/availability No … … polariser characteristics and associated NVIS compatibility effects) This is … … CP element, but this would still leave it with a substantial advantage over LCD technology in military …
  • Military display market segment: wearable and portable
    16,910 Inorganic LED LIC, NVIS , Army 49.50 x 13.56 (1.949 x 0.534 81,597 Passive LCD .
  • Novel bistable reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display device for use with night vision goggles
    However, due to the monochromatic reflection of Ch- LCDs, LEDs (light emitting diodes) can be used to illuminate the display without affecting the NVIS spectral regions. Furthermore, the NVIS Ch- LCD can be viewed using the infrared content of the ambient environment.
  • US Army Weapon Systems Human-Computer Interface (WSHCI) style guide, Version 1
    IPD IR LAN LCD LED LLTV LOS MOPP NBC NRT NVIS PLI PNNL QWERTY RGB RT TAFIM UI WSHCI WSTAWG head-up display hertz interpupillary distance infixired …
  • Fundamentals for a low-profile high-brightness LCD backlight
    … microlenses have been explored in an attempt to improve the efficiency of the LCD lighting systems above … These technology approaches are strained when adapted to accommodate NVIS applications'3'5. Yet, adaptations to the use of solid state LEDs offer improvement in reliability when incorporated into the …
  • Improved LED backlight with unique color and intensity control and NVIS capability
    The LED -based backlight utilizes state-of-art components to enable daylight, night, and NVIS requirements to be implemented in a simple cost-effective package. Keywords: Backlight, LCD Display, LED Backlight .
  • Recent advances in low power and flexible cholesteric LCDs (Invited Paper)
    Other LCDs may be made compatible with NVIS technologies, however the process may not be as simple. Emissive displays ( LED etc.) have high infrared emissions and therefore are not compatible with NVIS viewing modes.
  • LED Backlights Done Right
    Although most commercial LED rails for LCD displays are designed to be driven serially, General Digital employs a serial-parallel design philosophy, whereby we drive the LEDs in groupings of three or four. … needs is the fact that LEDs are ideally suited to sunlight readable and NVIS (Night Vision Imaging …
  • Alternatives to flat panel displays in vehicle turrets
    Flat panel displays are ruggedized LCDs (liquid crystal displays) with either CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) or LED (light-emitting diode) backlights. … these LCD flat panel displays to be compatible with Night Vision Imaging System ( NVIS ) goggles to MIL …
  • TopDeck® IESI
    LED backlighting significantly reduces the power consumption (less than 20 W at full luminosity) while offering high brightness, accurate low-level control with quick response times, and improved homogeneity, providing similar chromaticity in both night-time ( NVIS ) and daytime operations. ITAR-free system: all sensors are manufactured in European facilities Exclusive LCD cell with increased useful display …