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  • Case Study: GigE Vision Goes Underwater
    , obstacle avoidance sonar, temperature sensor, pitch and roll sensor and the Prosilica GE1380C) connects to either switch via standard Cat-5e cabling. Each switch is connected to a pair of bi-directional single mode fiber optic media converters to allow data transmission over distances of 2 kilometers
  • EPIC Express: A Bridge to the Future for High-Performance I/O
    obstacle avoidance. provides the high-bandwidth serial inter-. For now, EPIC Express does not im- in 3D—EPIC Express presents an exciting. face that moves data at Gbit/s rates suited plement x8 or x16 links. The exclusion of system platform for implementation of their. to fast communication of large
  • Chinese-Built 60 mpg Wildfire Puts a New Face on Motorcycles
    a Wildfire?. We had Reliant Robins here. These were three wheeled 850cc vehicles. The concept was dangerous with the single wheel at the front. They rolled if the steering was used avoid an obstacle on the road. With more road area covered with three wheels compared with four - this resulted in a greater
  • A Symmetry Search and Filtering Algorithm for Vision Based Pedestrian Detection System (.pdf)
    by utilizing the Inverse perspective mapping (IPM). 1D PROFILE- For obstacles from a low contrast images. algorithm. Figure 6 shows the idea of inverse. or a very small motion (both from the host vehicle &. perspective mapping based obstacle detection algorithm. obstacle itself), there are much smaller
  • Centroid Estimation of Leading Target Vehicle Based on Decision Trees (.pdf)
    . And the accurate estimation of. the obstacle position via radar is a very important aspect. Description. 77GHz MMW radar. in collision warning and collision avoidance applications,. not only in the tracking of target vehicles [10], [11] and. Range. 150m. distinguishing type of obstacle [9], but also
  • The Basics of Signal Attenuation
    is that indoor signals bounce off obstacles and penetrate a variety of materials that offer varying effects on attenuation (see Table 1-2 Obstacle attenuation). Free Space Loss Formulas. Equation 1-1 Free space range. Equation 1-2 Path loss. Items with losses to be added dB. Human body 3. Cubicles 3 to 5

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