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  • Acoustic Myths and Realities: Carpet on the Wall
    Items. Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panels. Fabric Covered Ceiling Tiles. Hanging Ceiling Baffles. Sound Channels®. Acoustical wall fabric. » See more Fabric Wrapped Absorbers including ceiling clouds, ceiling tiles, baffles and corner traps. » View a video on How Acoustical Panels Improve Sound
  • Enhanced Polyisocyanurate Foams for Metal Faced Panels (.pdf)
    Lamination (RF-DBL) process, providing energy efficiency and compliance to severe fire safety. requirements. Such panels are used for large industrial buildings for production and storage, refrigerated buildings and food. processing factories, office blocks, schools, etc. [1]. PIR can deliver the same
  • Making Flat Panel Computer Systems Work in Harsh Environments (.pdf)
    . ./6ba26448-fb21-4def-8777-f40b23b007c6 GE. Intelligent Platforms. Making Flat Panel. Computer Systems Work. in Harsh Environments. Custom software applications can turn any standard Microsoft® Windows®-based. computer into a powerful industrial process control or data acquisition platform. But. many industrial applications
  • Pneumatic Solution Brings Architecture to Life on one of LA's Newest Downtown Buildings
    of the actuators broke down. gresses. The panels on the eastern wall close to keep the building cool as the sun ascends. Using one actuator per panel, however, introduced a new challenge into the equation: Then they open slowly to let in light as the sun moves across the sky and shines on the. wind. Each panel
  • Aluminum Spools Wound with Rubber Strands
    Problem: The spools have an inner and outer wall between them, which an end-effector could be inserted. However, the opening between the spool walls is curved and has spokes which create four quadrants and only a 3/4? height into which an end-effector can be inserted. In addition to supporting
  • Curtains a Clear Choice for Glass Manufacturer
    and shavings off the floor into a pile for clean up. This debris led them to the idea of putting up some type of a wall. Naturally at first the thought was to erect a more permanent wall. Then Noel came across information on the Goff's Curtain Walls. The Curtain Walls give the Phillips operation
  • Convectors: When Looks and Performance Count
    movement noise associated with fan-forced heat is undesirable. This includes bedrooms and home offices where convectors can be installed along exterior walls under windows to provide quiet, gentle heat. However, care must be exercised to insure that there is adequate wall space remaining for placement
  • Blending of Would-Be Landfill Turns Out Greener Cement-Based Products
    from the material bed surface, which ensures even distribution of liquids added to mixtures. Other key features include the stationary mixing trough's heavy-gauge walls and reinforced end panels, providing sufficient rigidity for tight agitator-to-vessel wall tolerances that minimize the "heel