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Parts by Number for Oil Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
OIL808 Global Industrial Chemtex, Inc. Not Provided Chemtex Carrying Case For 36" Square Drain Protector
OIL041 Global Industrial Chemtex, Inc. Not Provided Chemtex Gran-Sorb ™ Cellulose Maintenance Absorbent
OIL818 Global Industrial Chemtex, Inc. Not Provided Chemtex Circular Drain Protector - 30" Dia.
Oil Gator Global Industrial Specialty Oil Sorbents Not Provided Esp Microbial Bioremediation Granular Absorbent, 30 Lb. Bag
OIL PLC Radwell Palatek Not Provided OIL
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  • Synthetic Oil Prevents Chain Rust Better than Conventional Oils
    , the tackifier in the chain oil. blocked oil from the internal. surfaces. of the chain. The chain oil being used. did not meet applicable USDA standards. for food contact. Synthetic Oil Prevents Chain Rust Better than Conventional Oils Synthetic Oil Prevents Chain Rust Better. than Conventional Oils
  • Refining of Edible Oils
    for some oils. * Process temperature is typically in the range of 120 - 160°F (50-70°C). * Neutralization process temperature may be higher, up to 200°F (95°C). * The strength of the sodium hydroxide solution varies according to the acid content and oil type. * During bleaching, a filter aid
  • Residual Analysis of Oils and Fuels
    using just one filter holder. AppLICATIOn RepORT: ReSIdue AnALySIS OF OILS And FueLS. usability, the high degree of flexibility, the option of multiple-. 3. filter analysis along with the normal particle included“. After the filtration of the medium being investigated (oil,. fuel, flushing liquid
  • Vegetable Oils
    , nuts or fruits of various plants, vegetable oils are found in every home. Cottonseed and linseed oil, corn oil for cooking and peanut oil for peanut butter to list just a few. GX and X Series pumps are frequently found in the applications associated with the production of vegetable oils. Quickly
  • Measuring Antioxidant Inhibitor in Transformer Oils
    Monitoring the degradation of the antioxidant in transformer insulating oil can result in substantial savings by extending the service life of the oil and by slowing down the transformer aging process. 2,6 ditertiarybytyl paracresol (DBPC) and 2,6-di-tert-Butyl Phenol (DBP) are common inhibitors
  • Waste Oils
    Had your car engine oil changed lately? Ever think about all the oil that is changed out from engines, machinery, etc? What do they do with this waste oil and how is it handled? Typically, waste oil is collected at the service sites in storage tanks. The size of the tanks is dependent on the size
  • Feasibility of Detecting Antifreeze Leakage in Diesel Engine Oils (.pdf)
    Un-dispersed antifreeze can cause detrimental changes in diesel engine oils. The oil condition sensor invented at Delphi Corporation can detect un-dispersed antifreeze in diesel and gasoline engine oils. Un-dispersed antifreeze appears as a separate phase and settles at the bottom of oil pans
  • Heater Selection - Oil Heating
    The viscosity of oils and hydrocarbons varies. widely with type and temperature. Since highly. viscous liquids transfer heat poorly, sheath. watt densities and operating temperatures are. critical in oil heating applications. As a general. rule, regular oil heaters rated 20-23 W/in2
  • Bio Gear Oils
    In gear systems, energy is transmitted from a power source to a terminal point, through gears that change speeds, directions, and torque. United Bio Lube's Bio EP Gear Oils are formulated and applied to prevent premature component failure, assure reliable operation, reduce operating cost
  • Bio Bearing Oils
    in a multiplicity of places, and each can be lubricated with either oil or grease. Some bearings are lubricated by water, and some are lubricated by air (as in the case of a dentist's drill). Bearings can be divided into two subgroups: Plain Bearings and Rolling Contact Bearings. Both have their place

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