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Products. Handyscan 3D Laser Scanners. Pipeline Integrity Assessment Software. Dynamic Tracking. Applications. 3D Modelling for Phased-Array Inspection - Aerospace. Assessment of Hail Damage on Aircrafts. Pipeline External Corrosion Assessment. Pipeline Mechanical Damage Assessment. Storage Tank...

Cutting Solutions. Fixturing and Tooling Solutions. Laser Welding Solutions. Weld Fume Control Solutions. Industries. Automotive/Transportation. General Fabrication. Heavy Fabrication. Maintenance & Repair. Offshore. Pipeline. Pipe Mill. Power Generation. LNG. Nuclear Energy. Pressure Vessel... Railroad track grinding equipment. Pipeline welding and pipeline x-ray equipment. Paper manufacturing. Chemical manufacturing. Film processing. Printing. Water jet cutting. Toxic clean-up equipment. Go Back Vacuum Rated Motors Radiation Hardened Motors Waterproof Motors Hazardous Area...

Flow. With advances in instrumentation technology, solid-state flow monitors eliminate moving parts, avoiding performance failures due to broken parts or pieces being lodged in the pipeline. These types of failures are common occurrences when mechanical devices come in contact with the media being...

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  • Stability and bifurcations of an axially moving beam with an intermediate spring support
    Many examples of these types of systems, such as textile fibres, paper sheets, band saw blades, mag- netic tapes, robotic manipulators, and oil pipelines can be found in civil, mechanical, aerospace, and automo- tive applications.
  • Case Study: Nook Industries Power-Trac™ Ball Screw Assemblies
    In an effort to provide protection from pipeline failure and allow for oil production in new deep water sour oil fields, leading custom automated and robotic equipment manufacturer ARC Specialties, Inc. (Houston, TX) has developed a new cladding technology that controls this...
  • A self-contained wall climbing robot with closed link mechanism
    Robotic inspection technologies can be applied to various utilities such as underground pipelines , buildings, bridges, oil reservoirs, gas holders, and ships (Choi, 2000; Ryew, 1999; Baik, 2001).
  • Building a 3D simulator for autonomous navigation of robotic fishes
    Recently, some researchers started to build an aquatic man-made robotic systems namely Robotic Fish which could apply the fish-like swimming in order to explore the fish behaviors, detecting the leakage of oil pipeline , sea bed exploration, mine countermeasures and robotics...
  • A 3D simulator for autonomous robotic fish
    Therefore robotic fish might be used in many marine and military fields such as exploration of fish behavior, detecting leaks in oil pipelines , seabed exploration, mine countermeasures and robotic education, etc.
  • Seam tracking control for mobile welding robot based on vision sensor
    In practice, various robotic welding systems have been developed recently, such as crawling welding machine based on structured light for a storage tank or oil pipeline welding [1], wheeled welding robot for welding in the lattice region of egg boxes inside the...
  • Mimicry of Sharp Turning Behaviours in a Robotic Fish
    So, the robotic fish could be used in many marine and military fields such as exploring fish behaviours, detecting the leakage in oil pipelines , sea bed exploration, mine countermeasures, robotics education, etc.
  • Novel mechatronics design for a robotic fish
    Therefore, the robotic fish could be used in many marine and military fields such as exploring fish behaviours, detecting the leakage in oil pipelines , sea bed exploration, mine countermeasures, robotics education, etc.
  • Pumps and Pipes
    ...18 upstream business, 10 Oilfield automation dexterous manipulators, 16 InTank inspection robot, 19 intelligent completion, 17 iRobot, 15, 16 Micro Rig robotic intervention tool, 15, 16 Panther ROV, 17 pipeline inspection robot, 18 Unimate robot, 9, 10 Oil industry and medical device...
  • A marsupial robotic fish team: Design, motion and cooperation
    The robotic fish are expected to work in unreachable places for human being, such as the gap of rock, the inside of oil pipeline and the interior of sunken ship.
  • Robots inspect pipework
    It is anticipated that robotic NDE could be employed in routine testing of aircraft for fatigue cracking and corrosion, the inspection of nuclear processing cells, oil and gas pipelines , rail infrastructure and civil structures.
  • Encyclopedia of Smart Materials, Volume 2 - O
    Applications, Benefits, and Concerns about Fiber-optic Sensors Applications Industrial processes Industrial control Biotechnology Energy industry (generation, distribution, exploration, and extraction) Offshore oil rigs Undersea pipelines Navel vessels Military/aerospace industry Spacecraft and space structures Robotic systems Structural monitoring Aerospace guidance and control...
  • Environmental Applications of AI [Guest Editor's Introduction]
    Other information-related environmental tasks include robotic exploration or cleanup of toxic or dangerous environments, such as undersea oil pipelines or nuclear reactors, monitoringandcontrolof harmful emissions in the atmosphere, and the cataloging of species, living and dead.
  • Robotic Fish Could Patrol Waterways | LiveScience
    Schools of newly-designed robotic fish could one day patrol waterways, swimming around as fluidly as the real fish they're based on, looking for environmental pollutants and inspecting submerged structures, such as boats and oil pipelines .
  • Long-range communication framework for multi-agent autonomous UAVs
    ...Robotics, book title �?Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems 4�?, pp 3-12, 2010 [9] T. Balch and R. C. Arkin, Communication in Reactive Multiagent Robotic Systems, Journal of Autonomous... ...Aviation, UAV Aerial-monitor Oil and Gas Wells, Facilities, Pipelines , Unmanned Systems: Mission Critical...