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  • Measuring Length and Rate Using Quadrature for an Oil Drilling Operation
    Floating oil drilling platforms must be positioned accurately over undersea oil deposits before the platform's four legs can be dropped to secure the platform. Fine position control is achieved by dropping four widely-spaced anchors to the seabed, then using power winches at the four corners
  • Case Story-Oil Drilling Rig
    Transocean Sedco Forex Inc operates three large, self-propelled, semi-submersible drilling rigs that are each equipped with four. 7 MW (9,390 hp) electrically driven Mermaid Pod propulsion units, two on each pontoon. Two of the drilling platforms, the Sedco Express and the Sedco Energy, were built
  • Solution for Oil Drilling Equipment Manufacturer
    Rotary Systems entered the Top Drive market by winning the bid to manufacture two different customer-designed unions in production quantity, one of which was experiencing reliability problems. After careful evaluation, Rotary Systems designed a replacement seal using their proprietary seal design
  • Case Story- Oil Drilling Rig
    Each brake system consists of a Dellner Brakes type SKD 2x100 hydraulic pressure applied disc brake working on an 1160 mm (45.7 in) diameter disc and a pressure intensifier system. The brakes are actuated with up to 150 bar (2,180 psi). of hydraulic pressure that is generated through a pneumatic to
  • Real-time Monitoring, Control, and Management for Oil Drilling Platforms
    by integrating different SCADA systems into an enterprise-wide SCADA network for managing oil and gas drilling platforms.
  • Molykote (R) P-37 Anti-Seize Paste Reduces Thread Failures on Oil Drilling Equipment
    Noble Drilling Corporation had unacceptable failure rates in stainless steel. threaded connections on its steerable rotary drilling equipment. Each time. the failed drilling sections required removal for repair at a specialty machine. shop, the firm incurred extra costs for labor, shipping
  • Introduction to Oil & Gas Offshore Drilling
    In the search for oil and natural gas under the ocean, three general types of drilling rigs are used. A â jackupâ drilling rig is a floating barge with drilling equipment on its deck and long support legs, and is used in shallow waters up to 300 feet (90 meters). A semi-submersible is the most
  • Preparation of Drilling Fluids
    ) dispersed into water. In deep wells where the potential pressure of gas/oil dictates a heavier product, inert solids such as barite or hematite are added to weight the bentonite suspension. Muds based on a water/oil emulsion (known as "inverts") are used for drilling deeper wells as they have better

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