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  • Pressure Transmitter Usage in Lube Pump, Oil & Filter Pressure Applications in Gas Turbines for Machinery & Factory Automation Industries
    . Products. Industries. Support. OCC. Learning Center. Home > Learning Center > Application Notes. Pressure Transmitter in Lube Pump, Oil, and Filter Pressure Applications. Using Pressure Transmitters in Gas Turbines for Machinery and Factory Automation Industries. Lube Pump, Oil and Filter Pressure
  • 'Filters for a World Tour'
    are Flavour of the Month!. Filter Helps Test Subsea Pipelines. Filters For A World Tour. Filter with a different Duty. 'Filters for a World Tour'. 04.2013. Croft Filters Ltd were recently approached to manufacture special oil filters for a 25,000 ton vessel that was scheduled for a 190 night world
  • How Filtroil Solves Oil Contamination Problems
    the rams and other moving components. Wear of internal components generating multiple and geometric growth of particulates. Filtroil - Executive Overview. Executive Overview | Contact | FAQ | Request a Quote | ExxonMobil Distributor Login. Engine Oil Filters. Focus Portable Units
  • Coming Clean with Filters
    mind. Filters are an integral part of the oil cycle in an engine. If I were changing my mind about what lubricant to recommend, I should also reevaluate my filter recommendations. Automotive oil filters fall into two categories, full-flow and bypass. Bypass oil filters take about 10 percent of the oil
  • Filtroil Oil Filtration Comparison
    . 9. 12. 3. 6. 9. MACHINE OPERATING HOURS (Month). Filtroil is like having a maintenance man on duty 24/7!. Notice with a dedicated unit not only does the oil come cleaner, but it. maintains that level. While the filter cart can reduce the contaminants to a. very respectable level, the contamination
  • Vegetable Oil Refining
    and Filtration. The bleaching process can be optimized very effectively using optek turbidimeters. Monitoring the oil as it enters the slurry tank allows you to control the amount of bleaching clay being added into the slurry. By implementing a turbidimeter on the filtrate stream of the bleaching filters
  • Engine Oil Viscometer Based on Oil Pressure Sensor (.pdf)
    . lle i. r es. e. filter. Oil. Most new engines today use Gerotor pumps [6],. temp. e. erature. which are positive displacement pumps. The oil flow. sensor. rate of such positive displacement type pumps is. proportional to the rotational speed (rpm) of the oil. pump. Since the oil pump speed is directly
  • Hydrogen Gas Detection in Oil Refineries
    Oil refineries are some of the largest producers and consumers of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen plays a pivotal role in a whole host of refining operations, from hydrocracking - the reduction of heavy gas and gas oils to lower molecular weight components - to the treatment of gas streams, to catalytic
  • The Next Generation in Filtration for the Oil & Gas Industry
    ) techniques, many of. which involve injecting water into oil reservoirs. NextGenerationSpectrum.indd Spectrum™ Micro Media Filters. The Next Generation in Water Filtration. for the Oil and Gas Industry. Eco-Tec White Paper. By Michael Dejak, P.Eng. Introduction. applications and introduced
  • Heat Exchanger Leak - Carryover Detection (Oil In Water)
    - Carryover Detection (Oil In Water) Benefits. Protect Equipment (Boilers, Filters). Immediate Detection of Leakage or Carryover. Reduced Water Usage. Reduced Chemical Costs. Reduced Municipal Charges. Reduced Contamination Risks. Reduced Boiler & Heat Exchanger Downtime. By using optek turbidity meters

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  • Filtration of Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil
    During the 1940's, the U. S. Naval Engineering Experiment Station con- ducted laboratory bench and engine investigations and tests to develop data for use in preparing lubricating oil filter specifications for internal combustion engines.