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Parts by Number for Oil Hardening Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
53938   Small Parts, Inc. Ferrous Metals and Iron Alloys Starrett 496 Oil Hardening Ground Flat Stock, 1/32" Thickness, 2" Width, 18" Length. Furnished in 18 " and 36 " lengths, ground straight and parallel. The 5 percent chromium content makes this steel especially desirable for punches and dies to be used in long production runs since...
CGFS-15/08-18   Small Parts, Inc. Metal Shapes and Stock Tool Steel O1 (Oil Hardening) Flat Stock, Ground, ASTM-A681-94, 3/32" Thick, 1/2" Width, 18" Length. Ground Tool Steel SAE 0-1 Oil hardenable steel alloy recommended for dies, punches, gauges and tools. It should be used where a greater degree of accuracy is desired in hardening. Its precise...
Tool Steel O1 (Oil Hardening) Drill Rod   Small Parts, Inc. Metal Profiles and Structural Shapes Precision Brand Drill Rod rounds are made of annealed, ground, and polished, general purpose tool steel. They are used for punches, tools and dies, drills, taps, arbors, roller bearings, dowel pins, and a variety of machine parts where high strength and long life are required. Excellent finish,...
E52100   A.M. Castle & Co. Carbon Steels and Alloy Steels Oil hardening, high carbon, for aircraft or other critical parts.
2535512 Global Industrial Star Tool Supply Not Provided Made In Usa O-1 Oil Hardening Drill Rod 12mm
2535516 Global Industrial Star Tool Supply Not Provided Made In Usa O-1 Oil Hardening Drill Rod 16mm
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    the material either absorbs the oil or the plasticizer will diffuse from the compound. When oil is absorbed, it causes severe swelling and softening of the compound resulting in degradation of tensile properties. When the oil causes diffusion of the compound plasticizer, hardening will result and all
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    of approximately 2 to 4C/s (4-6F/s) which is a. significantly slower rate than achieved with oil quench for tradition hardening processes. Therefore one. pre-requisite of sinter-hardening materials is a relatively high alloy content (relative to HT materials),. which when combined with the relatively
  • Engineering PM Parts Without Pricey Alloys
    , parts quenched in oil baths retain a considerable amount of oil in their pores. If tempering above 400 F, oil-quenched parts must first be heated below 400 F to burn off the entrapped oil. And sinter-hardened parts do not need an oil-removal step prior to finishing operations such as plating