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30104 Global Industrial Precision Brand Products Not Provided 1/8" X 1" O-1, Oil Hardening Ground Flat Stock, 18" Length - Min Qty 2
28091 Global Industrial Precision Brand Products Not Provided 17/64" Diameter O-1, Oil Hardening Drill Rod, 36" Length - Min Qty 2
30188 Global Industrial Precision Brand Products Not Provided 1/4" X 2-1/2" O-1, Oil Hardening Ground Flat Stock, 18" Length
0053954 Global Industrial Star Tool Supply Not Provided Import 0-1 Oil Hardening Flat Stock 1/2"X1/16"X18"
2535810 Global Industrial Star Tool Supply Not Provided Made In Usa O-1 Oil Hardening Drill Rod Letter "J"
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  • High Pressure Gas Quenching Typical Oil Hardening Grades of Steel
    High pressure gas quenching has been identified as one of the most important advancements in recent developments of heat treating technology.
  • Engineering PM Parts Without Pricey Alloys
    , parts quenched in oil baths retain a considerable amount of oil in their pores. If tempering above 400 F, oil-quenched parts must first be heated below 400 F to burn off the entrapped oil. And sinter-hardened parts do not need an oil-removal step prior to finishing operations such as plating
  • Quenching and Tempering
    Quenching and tempering (quenching and drawing) is a conventional process used to harden or strengthen steel or ferrous alloys. In the first step, the ferrous alloy is transformed to austenite and then quenched in water, brine water, air or oil. During the quenching step, the austenite is converted
  • Tool Steel
    resist sudden and repeated loadings. Applications include pneumatic tooling parts, chisels, punches, shear blades, bolts, and springs subjected to moderate heat in service. tool steels, which include oil and air-hardening

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  • Machinery's Handbook 29 - Properties, Treatment, and Testing of Materials
    Chemical Compositiona Type of Tool Steel Water Hardening 0.80 Carbon 0.90 Carbon 1.00 Carbon 1.20 Carbon 0.90 Carbon-V 1.00 Carbon-V 1.00 Carbon-VV Oil Hardening Low Manganese High Manganese High-Carbon, High-Chromiume...
  • Continuous hydrogenation in the oil hardening industry
    Continuous hydrogenation in the oil hardening industry .
  • Food Chemistry
    Such trans-unsaturated acids are formed as ar- tifacts in the industrial processing of oil or fat (heat treatment, oil hardening ).
  • Ferrous Materials
    hardening in oil interrupted hardening (water/ oil ) hardening in water .
  • Quenching and Carburising shown by the schematic diagram in Fig. 3.3 In order to compare hardening in oil with hardening in a salt martemper bath the plant was equipped with two different quenching facilities and operated alternately - oil hardening /salt martempering - throughout the...
  • Selective hydrogenation of soybean oil in the presence of copper catalysts
    At a linolenic acid content of 2%, soybean oil hardened with nickel catalyst contained about 28% linoleic acid, whereas with copper catalyst the hardened soy- bean oil contained 49% linoleic acid.
  • The use of polymer quenchants for hardening of large parts
    With a drop in surface temperature in hardening in the polymer solution ~ is first less and then at ts = 400°C more than in oil hardening .
  • ZTOOS1998P181
    E.C. Bain and M.A. Grossmann, The Nature of Oil Hardening , Nondeforming Tool Steels, Trans.
  • ZTOOS1998P007
    The alloying provides moderate hardenability, in some cases suitable for oil hardening , but the availability of medium-carbon grades makes possible higher toughness compared to the high-carbon oil-hardening tool steels.
  • ZCP2012QCD05365L
    Table 6 - Emission Values in comparison with post combustion chamber, mineral and vegetable oil hardening lines POLLUTANT [mg/Nm3] MINERAL OIL VEGETABLE OIL % pollutant mineral oil vs vegetable oil .
  • Selection Results
    Tungsten high-speed tool steel, HELLER OIL HARDENING DIE STEEL (Wallace Murray Corp.
  • ASTM DS70 - Handbook of Steel Data: American and European
    ...Steels for Quenching a~ Tem~ring ____ EN 10270.1 Steel Wire for Mechanical SP-rings • Part 1: Patented Cold Drawn Unalloyed SEring Steel Wire EN 10270.2 Steel Wire for Mechanical Sprinas • Part 2: Oil Hardened and Tempered Sprina Steel...