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  • As Oil Prices Rise, are Profits Leaking from your Hydraulic System?
    little need for new hydraulic fluid. Take a look at your entire facility and you'll find that the cost of new hydraulic fluid is just the first of many extra unnecessary expenses. Here are a few ways to stop your systems - and profits - from leaking. Oil Prices Rising | Locate Service
  • Joint integrity success at nuclear plant
    A 24-inch valve at a nuclear power plant was rendered totally leak free for the first time in seven years, following the application of a technology driven approach to achieving joint integrity. Joint integrity success at nuclear plant. Customer Support Centre, 1 Millennium Gate, Westmere Drive
  • Sure Ways to Reduce Package Sealing Failure (.pdf)
    using an LLDPE sealant left channels. that would act as leak paths. Figure 6 - Sealing Around Contamination. 2. Oil and Grease Resistance: Packages for fatty or oily products need a sealant that resists. penetration and breakdown by such ingredients. The results of a test shown in Figure 7 prove
  • Index Matching Gel and Mechanical Fiber Splice Technology for Last Mile FTTH (.pdf)
    . % Transmittance *. 79%. 97% after 80ºC heat aging. *1 cm optical path. Oil separation, a measure of a material’s tendency to leak fluid, shows current IMGs have an average of 13 times better. performance over past formulations. Oil evaporation, which could cause an IMG to shrink or harden, shows
  • KlickFix offers more than 3 times the life of mechanical seal
    . Marine. Marine Propulsion. Metallurgical. Mineral. Nuclear. Oil & Gas. Paper, Pulp & Board. Pharmaceutical & Bioprocessing. Power Generation & Supply. Renewable Energy. Semiconductor & Electronics. Water & Waste. Wind Energy. Products & Services. Care of the environment. Energy efficiency. EU IPPC
  • Medical Device Link .
    cross-sectional shape of the same area, the flow will be significantly lower. While it is tempting to use these equations in a quantitative study of a pinhole leak, several items must be resolved before the equations can be employed. First, they have been shown to be valid down to pressure differentials

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