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Parts by Number for Oil Meter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TF200 PLC Radwell Kent Oil Meter Controls & Indicators, Temperature & Process Control PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER 6DIGOT LED DISPLAY
962 PLC Radwell Lincoln Industrial Not Provided METER, OIL GALLON
963 PLC Radwell Lincoln Industrial Not Provided METER, OIL LITER

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  • Greyline DFM 5.0 Doppler Flow Meter for Crude Oil Case Study
    Wax and solids build-up were plugging off pipes and in-line flowmeters at this oil battery site in Alberta. Petrobakken Energy solved the problem by switching to Greyline DFM 5.0 Doppler Flow Meters with non-contacting ultrasonic sensors. Non-Contacting Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Crude Oil
  • Heat Exchanger Leak - Carryover Detection (Oil In Water)
    Heat exchanger leak detection is an important standard application for many processors. Companies in all industries increasingly demand the measurement of oil contents in the ppm-range. For this purpose, inline turbidity meters have been proven worldwide as a reliable solution. Detect Heat
  • Tranformer Oil Purification using Vacuum Dehydration Techniques
    sensor for standard transformer pump-out and oil degassing applications. When coupled with the Digital VT, the pressure reading is reported on an easy-to-read bright LED display. If an analog meter display is preferred, the VT-4 is an economical alternative. For electrical interface capability
  • Selection and Calibration of a Turbine Flow Meter (.pdf)
    . This can be. advantageous in applications where space is a premium. Examples of these. applications are; on board aircraft, marine vessels and motor vehicles; in subsea. control pods and ROVs used in the oil and gas industry; and on R &D and. production test equipment. The speed of response of a turbine
  • Advanced Flow Meter Technology to the Rescue
    flow measurement. All of this is possible with a minimal straight pipe run of 0 to 3 diameters upstream and 0 to 1 diameters downstream from the flow meter. Even though the V-Cone is designed specifically for use in difficult to measure applications such as oil and gas production and delivery, as well
  • Measuring Length and Rate Using Quadrature for an Oil Drilling Operation
    vibration and bidirectional movement preclude use of conventional magnetic pickups and pulse totalizers. LAUREL ELECTRONICS, INC. Application Note AN-C002. November 11, 2001. Using Laurel quadrature meters. for oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The problem: measuring length
  • Chemical Injection Flow Meters
    . Chemical Injection Flow Meters. PDF Version for download. Chemical_Injection. 151.6KB. Flow Meters in Subsea Chemical Injection. CUSTOMER. Exxon Mobil. Houston, TX; Luanda, Angola. Kizomba A and B FPSO offshore Angola. APPLICATION. As oil is being pumped up from below the ocean floor, chemicals
  • Flow Meters in Hydraulic Fracturing
    . Contact Us. Application Assistance. Departments. Search. Flow Meters in Hydraulic Fracturing. PDF Version For Download. HydFracturing.pdf. 204.5KB. Chemical Injection - Shale Oil & Gas Recovery. CUSTOMER. Oilfield & Industrial Equipment Manufacturer. Tyler, Texas. APPLICATION. This customer