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  • Engine Oil Viscometer Based on Oil Pressure Sensor (.pdf)
    A methodology for measuring oil viscosity in an internal combustion engine has been developed that is based on measured values of oil pressure and oil temperature at a relatively low engine speed near idle. Engine oil pressure results from the resistance of the oil to flow under the pumping action
  • Pressure Sensors Built to Withstand the Abuse of Hydrogen Applications
    pressures ranging from 1,000 to 12,500 psi. To maintain critical levels of pressure and safety, pressure sensors are employed for continuous monitoring. The pressure sensors are installed directly on the outlet valve, close to the tank.
  • Temperature and Pressure Problems with Clean-in-Place Sensor Applications
    Clean-in-place procedures require in site cleaning of all the internal components of a process system, including the pressure sensor head, after each batch run to prevent bacterial growth and contamination so as to maintain the highest standard of product quality. This practice is common
  • Sensors eye Fluids And Lubricants
    analog and two digital sensors. Hydac's Aqua Sensor 8000 is intended for installation in return lines where free water is a concern, such as on the wet-end of paper-machine lubricating systems in paper mills or on Morgoil systems in steel plants. There has arguably never been more pressure on OEMs
  • Sensors take the heat
    Robust sensors now handle the heat, pressure, and vibration found in deep-well oil drilling and other harsh environments. Director of Business Development, Sensors & Advanced Packaging A growing industrial demand concerns sensors able to withstand harsher environments than that required by earlier
  • Electronic Pressure Sensors and Predictive Maintenance
    under the hood to check the oil.
  • When Oil is Struck VISCOlab PVT Helps Schlumberger DBR Technology Analyze It
    Some 15 years ago, DBR recognized that Cambridge Viscosity's technology had characteristics of significant value in analyzing live oil, including requiring very small sample volumes to produce highly accurate measurements without using mercury, and began mounting high-pressure versions of Cambridge
  • Ammonia Pressure Measurement using Thermal Flash Protection (.pdf)
    or below. This accelerated change, along with the type of sensor diaphragm material affects the pressure transducer performance and ultimately the control system. Other Pressure Sensing Technologies: O-ring sealed pressure sensors cannot withstand rapid thermal changes and over time the internal
  • Drilling deeper - can position sensors take the heat?
    As the world strives to find and extract more oil to meet the increasing global demand, the technology challenges of drilling deeper wells intensify significantly. The push to reach deeper oil reserves on both land and offshore means that downhole tools, especially those used for measurement while
  • Magnetic Sensing
    Magnetic sensors detect moving ferrous metal. The simplest magnetic sensor consists of a wire coiled around a permanent magnet. A ferrous object approaching the sensor changes magnetic flux through the coil, generating a voltage at the coil terminals. Magnetic pickups sense linear or rotary motion

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