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...or products involved. Bin Discharger - An Acrison Bin Discharger is a device specifically designed to mount onto the bottom of a storage hopper to promote the reliable discharge of product from within by means of defined, mechanically-induced, internal agitation. It is especially effective when used...

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A special application of float type sensors is the determination of interface level in oil-water separation systems.

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Areas Oxygen deficiency occurs mainly in confined areas such as storage bins or sewers where breathable air may be reduced by displacement with other

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Section 4.1 Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)...
The slurry is then pumped from the rod mill product tank to the slurry storage and slurry blending tanks.

Market-Based Advanced Coal Power Systems 5. CIRCULATING PFBC,...

-- these facilities transmit crude oil, natural gas liquids, or other organic liquids from or between oil and gas fields, chemical manufacturers,

Locating & Estimating Air Emissions from Sources of Polycyclic...
Oil- or gas-fired preheaters are used to maintain the asphalt flux at temperatures above 200F (93C) (U.S. EPA, 1980; Kelly, 1983; Gerstle, 1974).

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