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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LDR04 Global Industrial Buyers Products Co. Not Provided Buyers Reservoir Accessory, Ldr04, Oil Level Gauge W/Temp Sight Gauge
71212428 Radwell Leybold Pilot Devices, Bulb,Contact,Transf,Cap,etc â € ¦ OIL LEVEL SIGHT GLASS FOR PUMPS SV40 AND SV300
A13577 Radwell Mueller Controls & Indicators, Control Accessory OIL LEVEL SIGHT GAUGE 3/4INCH M.P.T.
RKL12TPC Radwell Numatics Not Provided OIL SIGHT DOME ASSEMBLY
60683314A Radwell Reliance Electric Not Provided OIL SIGHT GAGE COVER
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  • There Were Heroes Amidst the Gulf Oil Spill Fiasco
    When the traditional tally of the top news stories of the year is taken in a few months, there is one that is sure to be at the top of nearly every list: the explosion and fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that put the Gulf, the area's marine industry and the coastlines
  • Top Trends Impacting Design Engineers, part 2
    performance in a variety of media, temperatures, and pressures before the part is ever installed. Another change is a growing interest in hydraulic systems that don't use oil. Water-hydraulic systems are ideal when safety or cleanliness is of utmost concern. Inherently environmentally friendly, water-based
  • Power Plant Thermography-Wide Range of Applications
    A Midwest nuclear power plant utilizes 345 kV oil circuit breakers (OCBs) rated at 2,000 amps with an interrupting capacity of 63,000 amps. OCBs are independent-pole, pneumatically operated breakers: air to close; spring to open. A hot spot was identified on the test tap cover of the A phase
  • Improving Ethanol Yield From Corn
    corn, with more than 60 percent obtained through wet milling. The wet-milling process involves soaking, or steeping, the corn in water, grinding it, and separating high-protein germ, oil, and fiber from the starchy endosperm that is fermented to produce ethanol. The current practice is to mix