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  • Achieving RGD resistance to meet current oilfield needs
    Once you have set a process cycle that achieves perfect results for RGD-resistant seals, do not change any parameters even by the smallest amount.
  • Failure Analysis: Excessive Tensile Loading Can Result in Necking, Thread Spreading and Ductile Overload Failure
    Today we will look at a case in which bolts were submitted for failure analysis by a Middle Eastern oilfield equipment manufacturer. The bolts were manufactured in the United States. Sherry Laboratories - Laboratory Testing - Failure Analysis: Excessive Tensile Loading Can Result in Necking, Thread
  • Crude Oil Waxes, Emulsions, and Asphaltenes
    Crude Oil Waxes, Emulsions, and Asphaltenes. Oilfield waxes and emulsions are petroleum byproducts that increase costs of production, transportation and refining. This book explains the physical chemical problems associated with waxes and emulstions, and the new technologies for treatment of them
  • Safety Pays
    A major oilfield services company and its customers were losing time and money due to unexpected safety shut downs. These shut downs resulted from repeated failures of the rotary unions the company was using in their coil tubing applications. Each time a rotary union failed, it allowed pressure
  • Failure Analysis: Oil Field Case Study
    In this case we will examine a failure analysis for a customer involved in the very active oilfield drilling and hydraulic fracturing industry. Being a fastener in this industry is tough rigorous duty. In this case our failure analysis engineers were provided with eight fractured stud bolts
  • Oil Pipelines and Elastomers - Compound Selection and Seal Design
    During seal selection, pipeline builders and technical buyers consider specifications such as temperature and pressure. Oilfield media is also important, and some compounds are better-suited for crude oil than sour crude. Today, most elastomeric oilfield seals made of nitrile, hydrogenated nitrile
  • LACT/Skid Enclosures
    Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT/ACT) skids. provide precision measurement and quality control. to ensure the transfer of oilfield production to trucks, rail, storage tanks or pipelines is accurately measured.
  • Jamak Develops Fiber Reinforced Elastomer for Oil and Gas use
    resistance was evaluated via immersion testing in oilfield related substances. Rapid gas decompression was evaluated at two different locations via two typical methods. Extrusion resistance was tested via an extrusion resistance test with a 0.030â gap. Dynamic properties were evaluated via ASTM D6601