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Parts by Number for OLED Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FL OLED/0902 National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
OLED MI25664BO ASAP Semiconductor MICRON Not Provided Not Provided
OLED WEH002002ALPP5N ASAP Semiconductor WINSTAR Not Provided Not Provided

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  • OLED Displays in Industrial Automation Products
    A typical OLED display is a layer of organic material or polymer between two electrodes, and depending upon the type of organic material used, the color of light will be emitted upon excitation of electrical voltage. Significant improvement in semiconductor technologies has seen the return
  • Computer Power User Article - OLED
    September 2003 Vol.3 Issue 9 Page(s) 40-43 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Display Technology On The Move Although OLED shows a lot of promise for future display applications, LCD manufacturers aren't giving up on their technology. Don't forget, LCD once was considered the hot
  • Compare/Contrast of Thin Film EL to EL Backlighting, LED, and OLED Technologies
    Although Planar's thin film EL (TFEL), EL backlighting for LCDs, LEDs, and Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) are all electroluminescent materials, their properties are very different and lend themselves to specific applications. This short primer is meant to assist you with a general
  • Optical Bonding of LCDs, OLEDs and Plasma Displays
    for use with elements which are rigid and may be substantial in size, while lamination is suitable for affixing a thin membrane, such as an antireflective-coated plastic film, to a more or less rigid substrate, such as an LCD, OLED, Plasma display, touch sensor or anti-vandal shield. Optical Bonding
  • Optical Enhancement Tutorial
    Light emitting displays, including CRT, LED, OLED, LCD, Plasma and other technologies, all suffer from a visibility problem when used under conditions which include high ambient lighting levels. Examples of these conditions abound; they are found in all applications in which the display is exposed
  • GenFlective TM Technology
    As more and more flat panel displays (LCD, OLED, Plasma) find their way into outdoor applications, the need becomes far greater for them to not only be able to withstand severe temperature extremes (heat and cold) and solar radiation, but the display must also be readable when exposed to extreme
  • Moisture Control in LCDs, OLEDs and Plasma Displays
    Many applications of displays involve installation in environments having a high humidity level. Of specific importance in this regard is the marine environment. In this application, an LCD, OLED or Plasma monitor, no matter how well sealed, will eventually "inhale" moisture within the enclosure
  • Society for Information Display New Products - March 2001
    First Commercial OLED Drivers Now Available Beverly, Massachusetts, March 28 - Clare, Inc., a maker of mixed-signal integrated circuits, custom ASICs, and optically isolated solid state relays, will announce the first commercially available current-based driver IC solution for organic light