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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PLASMAtech, Inc.   Plasmatech, Inc. Thin Film Coating Services or selective cell attachment. Hydrophobic or oleophobic treatment of pipette tips, membranes or seals. Lubricious or reduced coefficient of friction for rubber stoppers to facilitate automatic feeding/handling or anti-stiction coatings on seals. Primer or interface layer on metal or polymer to permit...

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    difluoride), and acrylic copolymer. All of these polymers can be treated in order to obtain specific surface characteristics that can be both hydrophobic and oleophobic (repelling liquids with low surface tensions, such as multivitamin infusions, lipids, surfactants, oils, and organic solvents
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    manufacturers looking to replace conventional methods or improve results through plasma technology. Applications include oleophobic or hydrophobic treatment of paper, textiles, and filter elements. BIOCOMPATIBILITY The activation of surfaces to prepare them for cell growth or protein bonding is another
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    ., 11411 Price Rd., Hebron, IL 60034. PTFE membranes PTFE membranes are available from a company's broad range of hydrophobic and oleophobic media. The PTFE membranes are microporous and repel low-surface-tension liquids while venting gases. Because it is an effective barrier to microbes
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    requirements." New to the company's product line, a hydrophobic/oleophobic glass-fibre filter has been designed specifically for original equipment manufacturers of snap-fit IV vents. The product features high bacteriological efficiency with a low pressure drop. Because of its high water repellency
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    be modified or custom designed to suit specific applications involving lateral- and through-flow diagnostic assays, hydrophobic and oleophobic venting, blood separation, DNA detection, protein immobilization, and sample preparation. A brochure details the supplier's production capabilities. A large staff
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    filters, filter capsules, spikes, IV filters, and blood filters. Hydrophobic/oleophobic media for respiratory circuits, HME filters, and IV and other vents are also offered. PlasmaSep filters for fingerstick blood separation are a recent addition to the company's range of cellulose nitrate membranes
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    degree of phobicity. Depending on the drug constituents, the phobicity of the filter membrane may need to be altered to include oleophobicity properties (see Table I), for example, oleophobic media need to be used where hydrophobic membranes fail to vent drugs and solutions containing multivitamins