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  • Linear Bearings-Image
    Linear Bearings - (325 companies) a wheel on an axle and that wheel runs on bearings. Roller and cross roller bearings are used on linear ways where straightness and accuracy are critical. A guide wheel is a low cost, versatile and rugged alternative to traditional linear bearings... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Radial Ball Bearings - (375 companies)
    ...the least rigid bearing at light loads becomes the most rigid at heavy loads. For precision applications bearings should have little deflection; the yield can be minimized in one of four ways: Decrease raceway curvatures. Increase ball size. Increase... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Ball Bearings - (691 companies)
    ...that the load ratings and other parameters are monitored regularly. Thrust bearing. Image Credit: Wikipedia. Parts. Ball bearings are composed of four main parts: two rings (or races) the rolling elements (the balls), and the ball separator (retainer... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Dovetail Slides - (30 companies)
    Dovetail slides are linear motion devices that allow motion and positioning along a linear axis. Dovetail slides may also be called dovetail way slides. They are composed of a flaring tenon or saddle (moving member) and a mortise (fixed base... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Bearing Isolators - (55 companies)
    Bearing isolators are dynamic seals designed to protect bearings from outside contaminants. They are comprised of a rotor (rotating) and stator (stationary) member. Some bearing isolators are of labyrinth construction while others use O-rings... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Liquid Handling Pumps - (2489 companies)
    Industrial liquid handling pumps are classified in many different ways, and are distinguished by the media pumped and the fluid motive mechanism (dynamic or displacement). How to Select Industrial Liquid Handling Pumps. Image Credit: U.S. Plastic... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Idler Pulleys - (76 companies)
    ...available. Split-formed idler pulleys are available with either a replaceable or non-replaceable bearing. Due to their low tooling cost, fully machined idlers can be the economical answer when the volume usage is low and/or the pulley is complex. Some idler... Learn More
  • Pulley Blocks - (134 companies)
    ...with a quick-release locking mechanism. Pulley block swivels permit torsional rotation along one or more planes. Many types of bearings are also used with lifting blocks. Pulley block sheaves are grooved wheels or pulleys that, when used with a rope... Learn More
  • Bearing Rings, Housings, and Flanges - (65 companies)
    How to Select Bearing Rings, Housings and Flanges. Image Credit: GGB and Basco. Bearing rings, housings and flanges are bearing components that are used in the assembly of many different types of bearings. Bearing rings, which are sometimes referred... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Bearing Retainers and Cages - (17 companies)
    Bearing retainers or bearing cages are used in rotary and linear bearings to separate and maintain a specified distance between rolling elements, whether they are balls, needle rollers, or rollers. How to Select Bearing Retainers and Cages. Images... Learn More
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...loading or misalignment should always be the goal. when installing an encoder. One important loading. fact to remember: radial shaft loading increases as a. linear function the further away from the bearing the. force is applied, much the same way a longer wrench. gives you greater leverage against...

...heat generated by the belt rubbing against the elevator casing, and heat. generated by bearing failure. Belt Slip: Bucket elevators consisting of two pulleys and a belt are capable of generating dangerous amounts of heat. during belt slip. Belt slip on the head pulley can occur when the belt...

...of factors that can contribute to axial motor shaft move-. ment including part tolerances, bearing pre-load method, thermal expansion,. and bearing wear over time. When an encoder is mounted, the amount of end. float directly affects the encoder’s air-gap (the distance between the sensor. and the disk...

...with equipment that physical attendance and observation may. For example, at one mine site vibration readings indicated no problems with a particular conveyor pulley bearing - however direct observation provided the reason why - the bearing had completely disintegrated and was no longer there! Communications... one another and to the scaled-up. results you might expect in production. The operator must be able to adjust the shaft speed easily, quickly and precisely. Using old technologies, speed adjustments were accomplished mechanically, by. wrestling with belts and variable-pitch pulleys. Speed ranges were...

’s motion requirements, we had to custom design and develop a three-way lift. system that could take products from one direction and then route them into a second or third. direction. As far as we were aware at the time, nothing in the industry like this existed.”. “A right-angle transfer had...

...the integrated alignment and strapping devices,. which work almost exclusively with distributed brushless DC direct drives. In contrast to older sealing units, where. all the axes were driven via a line shaft, one can now avoid many mechanical components that are prone to wear,. such as clutches, belts...

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  • Material flow technique
    Mass of the rotating load - bearing roller part g gravitational acceleration .
  • Lignite opencast mining
    Gravitational acceleration (g=9,81m/s2), m'Ri stretch load because of rotating load - bearing roller parts , m'G stretch load because of belt .
  • The Walk resistance of rubber belt conveyors power N, = 42 PS and a circumferential force P=788 rail Gm follows = 33,6 kg/m (or 40 kg/m by L ~ 1000 m) as the meter weight of the belt and rotating load - bearing roller parts as well as with...