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Parts by Number for Op Amp Comparator Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
OP-AMP-COMPARATOR-/8-PIN-SMD National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
LM392N ASAP Semiconductor IC-OP AMP/COMPARATOR Not Provided Not Provided
MC14575P ASAP Semiconductor IC-OP AMP/COMPARATOR DUA Not Provided Not Provided
MAX951EPA ASAP Semiconductor IC-OP AMP COMPARATOR + R Not Provided Not Provided
LM392M ASAP Semiconductor IC-SM OP AMP/COMPARATOR Not Provided Not Provided
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  • Op Amp Precision Design: DC Errors
    ; this is. Appendix A: “Input Offset Measurement Circuit”. the virtual short that some authors talk about. [ 1, 2]. When positive feedback is applied (e.g., when used as. a comparator), VOUT swings as far negative or positive. as it can (to the rails), depending on the sign of the dif-. ference (VN – VI). Op Amp
  • Op Amp Precision Design: Random Noise
    This application note covers the essential background information and design theory needed to design low noise, precision op amp circuits. The focus is on simple, results oriented methods and approximations useful for circuits with a low-pass response. Microchip. Chinese Japanese English. Products
  • Microchip's Op Amp SPICE Macro Models (.pdf)
    amp models be. simulate their circuitry at the board or system level with. developed. One operates normally as an op amp in. the op amps within a reasonable simulation time. Since. linear applications and the other one as a comparator. the model is more robust, it allows flexibility
  • Analog on the fly
    for an LVDT consists of a 2.5 kHz sine-wave generator, low-pass filters, rectifiers, and summing amplifiers, all of which are implemented in an FPAA. The AN10E40 FPAA offers 20 configurable analog blocks (CABs). Each CAB contains an op amp, comparator, five switchedcapacitor arrays, and other
  • Buck-Boost LED Driver Using the PIC16F785 MCU
    . is referenced to the battery voltage, not to ground. The. output of the inverter is connected to the LED anode. and produces a voltage that is greater than the input. voltage. The op amp, comparator, and PWM module are all. contained within the PIC16F785 device. All pins of the. op amps and comparators
  • Designing Operational Amplifier Oscillator Circuits For Sensor Applications
    ) of a comparator circuit. The counter and. lyze capacitive applications. The state-variable's three. comparator circuits can be implemented with a. op-amp topology provides for a more dependable oscil-. PICmicro® microcontroller. lation start-up than a single op amp oscil ator. The vir-. tual ground voltage
  • Detecting Small Capacitive Sensors Using the MCP6291 and PIC16F690 Devices
    This application note shows how to use a PICmicro (R) microcontroller and minimal external circuitry to detect small capacitances. The design is based on an operational amplifier (op amp) integrator. A capacitive humidity sensor is used to illustrate this type of application. The design is measured
  • Oscillator Circuits For RTD Temperature Sensors
    This application note shows how to design a temperature sensor oscillator circuit using Microchip's low-cost MCP6001 operational amplifier (op amp) and the MCP6541 comparator. Oscillator circuits can be used to provide an accurate temperature measurement with a Resistive Temperature Detector (RTD