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...the relatively short time constant delay) the gimbal begins to roll at a controlled rate. If left long enough without correction,. the gimbal will run into its stop. This is analogous to an op-amp integrator where upon given an input, no matter how small,. the output will continue to accumulate...

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Circuits with hysteresis are based on the fundamental positive feedback idea: any active circuit can be made to behave as a Schmitt trigger by

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A practical amplifier circuit An electronic amplifier or amplifier is an electronic device used for increasing the power of a signal.

Optimal design of a CMOS op-amp via geometric programming -...
Index Terms--Circuit optimization, CMOS analog integrated The fact that geometric programs (and, hence, CMOS op-amp circuits, design automation,
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GPCAD: A Tool for CMOS Op-Amp Synthesis Maria del Mar...
been widely used in analog circuit CAD. The general purpose op- We have formulated the op-amp design problem as a special timization codes NPSOL [3
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Simple Circuit Provides Adjustable CAN-Level Differential-Output Signal Simple Ambient Light Sensor Circuit Volume 45, Number 2
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