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  • Computer Terminals-Image
    Computer Terminals - (93 companies)
    ...and authentication occur on the thin client. For network administrators, thin client computing can reduce costs and overhead by eliminating disk drives, drive arrays and other data storage devices. Thin clients are also a popular alternative to traditional client... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Machine Fabrication Services - (131 companies)
    Machine fabrication services build custom machinery for their clients. They either build from a client's plans and documentation, or build to a client's specified requirements. How to Select Machine Fabrication Services. Hot Fill Machine - Image... Learn More
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    VPN Software - (17 companies)
    ...establishes a regular connection, the carrier brokers a special VPN connection between the VPN client and the VPN server. In this way, compulsory VPN tunneling software authenticates clients before associating them with VPN servers. Most VPN software... Learn More
  • Advertising and Marketing Services-Image
    Advertising and Marketing Services - (7960 companies)
    Advertising and Marketing Services Information. Advertising and marketing services evaluate client requirements, develop promotional strategies, implement plans for product branding, and manage advertising campaigns. They also design point... Learn More
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    Web Application Software - (395 companies)
    Web application software is used in the design, implementation, optimization and maintenance of web sites and web clients. These tools include web browsers, plug-ins, scripting languages, and other similar applications. Web Application Software... Learn More
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    Human Machine Interface Software (HMI) - (117 companies)
    ...and integration; and total costs and pricing. Some human machine interface (HMI) software provides data logging, alarms, security, forecasting, operations planning and control (OPC), and ActiveX technologies. Others support data migration from... Learn More
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    Communication Site Maintenance Services - (84 companies)
    Communication site maintenance services maintain remote communication sites and client-owned (CO) infrastructure and equipment. They perform preventive maintenance and/or corrective maintenance and differ in terms of capabilities. Some communication... Learn More
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    Environmental Regulatory and Compliance Services - (537 companies)
    Environmental regulatory and environmental compliance services perform site and facility assessments, analyze permitting requirements, review designs and recommend modifications, and represent clients before regulatory agencies. They may also... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Customer Service and Support Software - (43 companies)
    Customer service and customer support software are methods that companies use to interact with clients and customers. Methods include employee training and special purpose customer support software Customer service and customer support software... Learn More
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    Coating Services - (1830 companies)
    How to Select Coating Services. Image Credit: Materials Processing Inc. | Anoplate Corporation | Eastman Kodak Company. Coating services apply a thin layer of material onto parts or products provided by a client. These services are used by companies... Search by Specification | Learn More

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  • HP Announces Support for MS DNA, HP RTAP Version 8.0
    HP offers versions of HP RTAP for HP-UX, Sun Solaris and DEC Unix operating systems. The new server software includes an operational data historian and a client featuring OLE for process control ( OPC ).
  • OPC UA based Field Device Integration
    … was tested with a variety of operating systems including Windows XP, Linux, UNIX, Solaris , Mac OS and … Fig. 7 Topology of the prototype On the client side the prototype was also extended in various … In this case, SAP was extended to act as an OPC UA client communicating to the DIMs …
  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Systems and Applications
    … to operate in multiple platforms that they had differ- ent Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris , etc.). OPC , ModBus, etc) • Other: JNI (Java Native Interface) it allowed that Java code link with native … It was decided to use an architecture based on the pattern Client - Server "Fig. 3", where the …
  • The ESRF TANGO control system status
    12 EXAMPLE OF AN OPC DEVICE SERVER TANGO is actually available on 4 platforms presently Linux (Suse), Windows NT, Solaris and HP- UX. C++ and Java are supported for client and/or server.
  • Preliminary Design of NCSX Central Computing and Control
    The method is usually through a communication protocol such as IEEE 802, OPC [3], Modbus [4], Channel … … NSTX, there will be several improvements; foremost the operating system used for the EPICS clients and servers. NCSX will use Linux whereas NSTX relied on proprietary products Solaris (Sun Microsystems) and vxWorks (Wind River …
  • Remote fieldbus system management with Java and XML
    Thus, the CANINSIGHT client is available on all operating system platforms featur- ing a Java 2 runtime environment (e.g. Windows, Solaris , Linux, ...). The system presented in [28] uses platform dependent Microsoft OLE for Process Control ( OPC ) [171 technology to …
  • Whose vision of openness? | Archive | The Engineer
    ' Intec's Mark Groves goes further, saying that OPC and ActiveX Controls offer users the prospect of … … software component reuse - and our revolutionary network-centric architecture - thick servers and thick pipes, but thin clients . … its hugely scalable workstations and servers, providing the application and database resources - and the Solaris operating system.
  • Investigating the security of electrical power systems SCADA
    No SCADA data encryption 2) Full web operation and monitoring using OPC XML for communication 3) Other … 3) Supports both open and proprietary protocols 4) With ABB SCADA, clients are expected to implement their … 5) Supported on IBM AIX6000, SUN/ Solaris and Mo- torola/AIX 6) To ensure data integrity, GE uses …
    Platform-independent and available for Windows, Linux and Solaris . … the SCADA functionality, e.g.: • Integration of video management systems • Hot-standby redundancy and disaster recovery system ensure maximum failure-safety and avail- ability • Web/Thin Client : For operation by means … … and interfacing options: XML, OPC , TCP/IP, Modbus, IEC 60870 …
  • Open Telematic Platforms
    * Scalable, small footprint framework * SNMP *Web Server CLI * MlBway * OPC * Management integration tool * IPsec and IKE * Firewall * Security Libraries (Crypto library, digital certificates) * SSL/TLS * RADIUS Client *802.1x and 802 … -Windows *Linux ' Solaris .