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  • How "Open" is Open Source Hardware?
    Technologically, too, the practice is anything but new, though it wasn't until the 1990s that interest in the phenomenon of open software first leaked into the mainstream with the recognition of Linux and the release of the Netscape browser's source code. Indeed, it was in the late 90s
  • Open Electromagnetic Waveguides
    Open Electromagnetic Waveguides. This text provides an extensive introduction to the practical use of spectral methods in solving real engineering problems in open electromagnetic waveguide environments taken from the fields of microwave, millimetric wave, and integrated optics.
  • Open Channel Hydraulics
    Open Channel Hydraulics. Including numerous solved problems and worked examples, this clear and accessible guide introduces and explains all the main topics required for courses on open channel flows and offers an unparalleled user-friendly study of this important subject.
  • Open Source Fuzzing Tools
    Open Source Fuzzing Tools. Examining the fuzz testing transition from a hacker-grown tool to a commercial-grade product, this text explains how Fuzzing finds vulnerabilities, serves as a QA tool, how it works within the Development Process, and more.
  • Applying Open Gear Lubricants
    When selecting an open gear lubricant for use in a particular application, the method of application used must be considered. Generally, if the open gear lubricant is to be applied by a drip system, force-feed lubricator or spray system, it must be sufficiently fluid to flow through the application
  • It's Time for Open RFID
    processing is done in software. That makes radios a lot more flexible. The RF module is tied to a particular frequency band, but the rest is software. I haven't cracked open the case, but my guess is that my $3500 reader is really just a software-defined radio. Everybody knows about open software from
  • AN0022 Open Mode Capacitors
    Open mode Capacitors have been designed specifically for use in applications where mechanical cracking is a severe problem and short circuits due to cracking are unacceptable. Open mode capacitors use inset electrode margins, which prevent any mechanical cracks which may form during board assembly
  • Open Warehouse System
    and a single segment market for its Power. Add to this was the Open Warehouse System, Where many companies today try to squeeze costs too hard in trying to meet its own requirements, GMR aggressively promoted Open Warehouse System to ensure Accessibility to Operation and Maintenance Teams - thereby
  • Open Source, Embedded Linux
    for industrial data logging and control. Now they're touting Linux-based products and marketing the attractiveness of computer-based industrial control and SCADA systems with open architectures. The company's history goes back to 1975, when it started out under the name Digitronics, designing
  • MICO: An Open Source CORBA Implementation
    MICO: An Open Source CORBA Implementation. This book shows you how to build and manage your own professional, industrial-strength CORBA applications using MICO.
  • Penetration Tester's Open Source Toolkit
    Penetration Tester's Open Source Toolkit. Written by the security industry s foremost penetration testers, this authoritative reference allows readers to unravel the mysteries of identifying targets, enumerating hosts, application fingerprinting, cracking passwords, and more.