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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PBPS46UHF Allied Electronics, Inc. BANNER ENGINEERING Not Provided Fiber Optic, Plastic, DURA-BEND, Bifurcated, Probe, 4 Core, 6 Feet, Unterminated
BR26S Allied Electronics, Inc. BANNER ENGINEERING Not Provided Fiber Optic, Glass, Bifurcated Fiber Sensing Probe, Rectangular, 2 Meter, 17812
KLR 00-2.2-2.0-K57 Allied Electronics, Inc. PEPPERL AND FUCHS Not Provided Sensor, Photoelectric, Fiber Optic, Diffuse, M6 Threaded Bendable Probe, 024562
PIPS66UMSQMAP Allied Electronics, Inc. BANNER ENGINEERING Not Provided Fiber Optic, Plastic Fiber, Opposed Mode, 1.5mm Core Diameter, 2m Probe, 48063
FT-R40 Allied Electronics, Inc. PANASONIC ELECTRIC WORKS ACSD Not Provided Sensor, Probe, Fiber Optic, M4 Threaded R/A Thru-Beam, R4, 2 Meter
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  • Fiber Optic Probes
    Fiber optic elements are flexible strands of glass or plastic capable of transmitting light along its length by maintaining a near total internal reflection of the light being accepted at its input end. A fiber optic displacement transducer uses an adjacent pair of fiber optic elements, one
  • High Speed Fiber Optic Infrared Transmitter (.pdf)
    One of the most effective methods of making non-contact high temperature measurements in industrial applications is with a fiber optic infrared probe. These devices typically consist of a lens probe assembly which is aimed at the object to be measured, and a fiber optic interconnecting cable, which
  • Hydroxyl and Acid Numbers in Resin Melts with a ChemView (R) Photometer
    To measure hydroxyl and acid numbers on-line in resin melts to determine end-of-reaction across different products with a Clear-View TM or ChemView (R) photometer and fiber optic probe.
  • Medical Device Link .
    was inconclusive. A team from the biomedical engineering department of the University of Wisconsin at Madison has developed a thin fiber-optic probe that can be threaded through the hollow channel of a biopsy needle to its tip. Used in conjunction with x-ray or
  • Medical Device Link .
    Fiber-Optic Probe at the Heart of MRI-Safe Pacemaker Probe tip is similar in size to pacemaker leads that it replaces In 1997, FDA published a draft document recommending that individuals with implanted pacemakers should not enter magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedure rooms or come within
  • Medical Device Link .
    R &D Digest: The monthly review of new technologies and medical device innovations. A fiber-optic probe and a special interferometer could spot early signs of cancer faster than current methods and thus reduce the need for biopsies. The technology, called angle-resolved low-coherence interferometry
  • NIR Water Measurements Online Monitoring in Liquid Samples
    to the hydrocarbon background. Moreover, because water is commonly analyzed with a single wavelength, photometers are the instrument of choice. The purpose of this application note is to show you how we arrive at recommending a system, that is, a photometer with the proper wavelengths and a fiber optic probe
  • APHA Color On-Line Monitoring with a ClearView TM Photometer
    a long-term stability of about 1 mAU. This means that in a 1 cm fiber optic probe or cuvette, the precision of the measurement is ±3.5 APHA, or about 0.7% fullscale Usually a 2 cm probe is used for measurements in the 50- 500 range with a precision of ±1.8 APHA.

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