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  • Medical Device Link .
    Part geometry is often measured and controlled using optical comparator overlay charts combined with micrometers. However, device companies may benefit from a measurement approach that sets specification limits at the manufacturing site. Thread gauges can be used for medical applications from bone
  • Optical Comparators in Medical Device Manufacturing
    and in our metrology lab that help us maintain a high standard based on associated quality. We use a three-pan system with each pan containing multiple parts. The operator verifies the first piece on the optical comparator and runs the parts. The first part of pan two is checked. However the process
  • How to Determine Proper Dimensions for your V-Band Coupling Application (.pdf)
    of your flange, you can use the previously measured outside flange diameter (fd), and the flange base diameter (bd). Use the formula: Flange Height, fh = ( fd – bd ) ÷ 2. This dimension is best determined by measurement with an optical comparator or from the actual design print of the flange. However
  • High Precision Image Based Inspection (.pdf)
    general optical comparator technology that has existed since. the nineteen thirties. While advances in optics and light sources have made this method significantly more reliable, overall. utility remains extremely limited and the time involved has been accepted simply as part of the cost of doing
  • Medical Device Link . Strain and Short-Term Creep Behavior of Thermoplastics in a Luer Taper Fitting Application
    in this study included a torque measurement device, an optical comparator, and a luer taper gauge based on ANSI/HIMA standard MD70.1-1983. Procedure. The FLLs were molded in accordance with GMPs and separated into four material sets within three test groups. There were 10 FLLs per material per test group
  • Medical Device Link .
    defects. The Sentry system is designed to take the place of an optical comparator or profile projector on the manufacturing floor or in quality control laboratories. The camera 's array format is 3500 2300 pixels, with a 35 23-mm actual sensor size. Lenses that span a magnification range of 0.3
  • Fixing the Hole Problem
    Turn lathe, a Doosan Puma 2100 turning center, and a. tool-and-tap holder. Deltronic DH216 bench-top optical comparator. t o a t t a i n ideal pro-. “With this range of machining centers, plus a staff of. jection lengths for any. machine operators with a combined 45 years of ex-. machine. Dual
  • Consider UV Inspection
    . The Value of a Certified Quality Professional. Most Emailed Stories. The Digital Optical Comparator Advances. Understand Gage R &R. Ensure Effective Quality Audit Reports. Recent Discussions. Director of Media - Why Manufacturing in the U.S. Makes Sense. - Practical Checks on Measurements. Quality

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