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  • Acrylic
    plastics transmit and control light, resist weather, are stable against discoloration, and have superior dimensional stability and an excellent combination of structural and thermal properties. Clear acrylic plastic is as transparent as the finest optical glass. It has a light transmittance

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  • Fiber dispersion and breakage in deep screw channel during processing of long fiber-reinforced polypropylene
    After burning the matrix, the weight of the glass fiber was denoted as m0, then put the glass fibers onto a black optical - grade plastic sheet and sorted out the fiber bundles, the weight of the fiber bundles was denoted as m1.
  • ASTM 00.01 - Subject Index; Alphanumeric Index
    ...Method for, D3874 (10.02) Loss on Ignition of Electrical Grade Magnesium Oxide, Test Method... ...2773 (10.02) Rigid Sheet and Plate Materials Used... ...Contained in Electrical or Optical Fiber Cables When Burning... ...scale Burning Tests on Plastic Materials, Specification for, D...
  • Specialty Films
    The company is the most well-known producer of optical - grade polycarbonate resins. A major general plastic sheet producer in Japan, Sumitomo Bakelite merged with its subsidiary Tsutsunaka Plastics in 2007, which fabricates polycarbonate sheet and film from purchased resin and sells it in the construction and electronic markets.
  • Extruded plastic scintillation detectors
    In addition, these numbers con rm that Dow 663 general purpose polystyrene pellets can replace the optical grade pellets initially utilized. More measurements are underway to compare these extrusions to samples of commercial plastic scintillator sheets which have been cut to the same pro le.
  • ZCFAP2003ALL
    ...shear strength test, 189­190, 191(F) ASTM D 785 hardness measurement, 180(T) Rockwell hardness tests of plastics, 187(T), 194, 195(F) ASTM D 788 acrylic plastic grades , 19 ASTM D 789... ...F) flexural testing of plastic materials, 367­368 ASTM D... ...insulating materials, 187(T) ASTM D 1824 Brookfield viscosity of vinyl plastisols and organosols, 106 ASTM D 1894 coefficient of friction tests, 261, 262(F) plastic film and sheeting coefficients of friction test... ...ASTM D 1925 yellowness optical property test, 177 ASTM...
  • AIS/DOE Technology Roadmap Program: Strip Casting: Anticipating New Routes To Steel Sheet
    In this regard, as-cast, in- line hot rolled, and cold-rolled batch annealed, sheets have been characterized using optical microscopy, X-ray texttzre measurement, mechanical properties and plastic strain ratio (r-value). The results obtained from this commercial 1006 grade 1ow C steel extend the developments carried out by...