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  • Acrylic
    plastics transmit and control light, resist weather, are stable against discoloration, and have superior dimensional stability and an excellent combination of structural and thermal properties. Clear acrylic plastic is as transparent as the finest optical glass. It has a light transmittance
  • Plastics Consultancy Network - Recycling
    energetic advantages.[13] Work on the rheology of recycled grades of polycarbonate.[14] is also of significance to the moulder as processing is very dependent on flow properties. Polyether ether ketone is an engineering plastic used in such low tonnages that it does not appear in the top 20 polymers
  • Opto Sensors - Typical Applications
    be positioned as shown on the drawings. Actuator type sensors are designed to be mounted on sheet metal. If mounted on printed circuit board or plastic plate, proper attachment to such materials must be provided to avoid mechanical shift. When more adhesion is needed, glue may be used. Mounting hole
    of acrylic. Wet ethylene oxide and steam sterilization methods are not recommended for acrylic. Material Comparisons In the area of diagnostics, polystyrene is the closest clear-plastic competitor in optical properties, but its performance at lower light wavelengths does not rival that of acrylic
  • Medical Device Link . Top Products and Services of the Year: Reader's Choice (continued)
    ., 11926 Burke St., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. Plastic Buckles Feature slim-profile design Strong, lightweight side-release buckles employ a slim-profile design that blends into webbing. The L-series buckles feature contoured openings for comfortable and easy release and can be molded from nylon
  • Medical Device Link . Top Products and Services of the Year: Reader's Choice
    . Plastics Design Library, 13 Eaton Ave., Norwich, NY 13815. Stock Shapes Sourcebook lists specifications In 216 pages, a sourcebook of plastic materials presents a comprehensive range of mechanical plastics, sheet, rod, film, tube, and accessory items. Featured products include Hygard laminates, Hydex
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    . They can be sterilized by most common methods, including gamma, with little effect on performance. A line of polyurethanes that includes different degrees of hardness is offered by Stevens Urethane. A line of polyurethanes from Stevens Urethane combines the properties of rubber and plastic to offer high
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    biaspherical, monoaspherical, and spherical designs, as well as in custom configurations. The lenses are moulded in an optical-grade plastic that withstands working temperatures ranging from 10 to 75 C and that features transmission properties in excess of 90%. The company can supply data sheets
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    , such as injection molding, embossing in plastic, and etching in silicon, are expensive to develop and risky in molecular and immunodiagnostic product development for a couple of reasons. They are economical to manufacture only at very high volumes (millions of devices per year) and have no track record

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  • Specialty Films
    The company is the most well-known producer of optical - grade polycarbonate resins. A major general plastic sheet producer in Japan, Sumitomo Bakelite merged with its subsidiary Tsutsunaka Plastics in 2007, which fabricates polycarbonate sheet and film from purchased resin and sells it in the construction and electronic markets.
  • Extruded plastic scintillation detectors
    In addition, these numbers con rm that Dow 663 general purpose polystyrene pellets can replace the optical grade pellets initially utilized. More measurements are underway to compare these extrusions to samples of commercial plastic scintillator sheets which have been cut to the same pro le.
  • ZCFAP2003ALL
    ...shear strength test, 189­190, 191(F) ASTM D 785 hardness measurement, 180(T) Rockwell hardness tests of plastics, 187(T), 194, 195(F) ASTM D 788 acrylic plastic grades , 19 ASTM D 789... ...F) flexural testing of plastic materials, 367­368 ASTM D... ...insulating materials, 187(T) ASTM D 1824 Brookfield viscosity of vinyl plastisols and organosols, 106 ASTM D 1894 coefficient of friction tests, 261, 262(F) plastic film and sheeting coefficients of friction test... ...ASTM D 1925 yellowness optical property test, 177 ASTM...
  • AIS/DOE Technology Roadmap Program: Strip Casting: Anticipating New Routes To Steel Sheet
    In this regard, as-cast, in- line hot rolled, and cold-rolled batch annealed, sheets have been characterized using optical microscopy, X-ray texttzre measurement, mechanical properties and plastic strain ratio (r-value). The results obtained from this commercial 1006 grade 1ow C steel extend the developments carried out by...
  • Plastics
    ...resistance 891 transparency 891 behavior at high deformation speed 887 behavior by alternating stress 889 wearing behavior 889 weather resistance 891 Polyaryl sulfone and sulfide 925 heavy-duty plastics 926 Polyblend 46 polybutene... ...antistatic agent 762 brighteners, optical 751 judgment, health 770... ...815 polycarbonate + of styrene copolymer blends 802 polycarbonate blends 801 polycarbonates 770 2- step -degassing screws 781... content 780 moisture contents 771 basis weight 785 flat film extrusion 779 flat film extrusion 780 flow...
  • POF Handbook
    ...Durana, G. Aldabaldetreku, J. Zubia, F. Jiminez: „Universal Scrambler for Step-Index and Graded -Index POF, by... Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.: „High-Efficiency Plastic Optical Fiber, Luminous“, data sheet Nichimen 1996 [Asa97] .
  • Adhesive Bonding
    ...double-sided adhesive tapes ( for joining, fastening, mounting, splicing) self-adhesive labels repositionable sheets of notepaper (Post... ...functionality besides peel and shear strengths, for example to confer thermal, electrical or optical conductivity to PSAs. Another priority is the development of high-performance adhesive systems that not only adhere to glass, metal, ceramics or high- grade plastic materials, but also to low-energy, mostly structured modern polymer materials.