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  • Smart Computing Article - How To Install . . . Mice & Other Input Devices
    ago, which allegedly provided more accuracy. There were "optical " mice, which used a light beam instead of a ball and noted directional movement when passed over a special pad. But just like a mousetrap, the simplest mouse mechanism always seems to prevail. Still, there are notable
  • Linear Regime Operation of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
    In using semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) as optical amplifiers, the linear operating regime is preferred. Operating the SOA in the linear regime allows for exact amplified replica of the input signal and reduces non-linear artifacts that can be channel or pattern dependent. The linear regime
  • Application of the Integrating Sphere Optical Power Measurement System in Laser Diode Characterization
    Integrating spheres are useful for measurement of divergent light emitted from laser diodes. Typically the laser diode is positioned very close to the internal port of the sphere (Figure 1) and light emitted from the front facet of the device is collected by the internal cavity of the integrating
  • Medical Device Link .
    (Ober-Ramstadt, Germany) covers a torque range from 0.4 to 40 N *m at flange dimensions from 40 to 188 mm. The motors are made from high-grade neodymium. Resolvers or optical encoders are used as motor position sensors. Options such as a holding brake or keyed shaft are available. The company also offers digital
  • Dedicated Boards
    , they run software that closes a feedback loop and stabilizes the system. Any digital servocontroller must be able to operate reliably in the electrically noisy industrial environment. Noise immunity must go beyond mere shielding, bypassing, and optical coupling. The controller must be designed
  • Understanding Complexities of Patterned Coatings
    The majority of roll-to-roll coating projects use "blanket" or uniform continuous high precision coatings. Products ranging from imaging films to battery membranes to optical display device components typically employ blanket coatings where exceptional thickness control is required
  • Solid-state relays
    trigger-current to actuate the power device. Optical coupling is the most widely used type because the components are small and inexpensive. Moreover, on/off switching times are faster, and the blocking voltages also typically far exceed those possible with transformer-coupled units. The majority of SSRs can
  • Photonic chips take a step towards practical applications
    fourwave mixing "pumps " or amplifies a light signal using another light source as the two beams travel inside a narrow waveguide. Although four-wave mixing amplifiers have been made with optical fibers, such devices are tens of meters long. The current waveguide is a silicon channel just 300 550 nm

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