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  • Smart Computing Article - How To Install . . . Mice & Other Input Devices
    How To Install . . . Mice & Other Input Devices October 1999 Vol.7 Issue 10 Add To My Personal Library How To Install . . . Mice & Other Input Devices With virtually every consumer-level operating system now using a graphical interface (a la Windows), the need to be able to easily point and click
  • Application of the Integrating Sphere Optical Power Measurement System in Laser Diode Characterization
    Integrating spheres are useful for measurement of divergent light emitted from laser diodes. Typically the laser diode is positioned very close to the internal port of the sphere (Figure 1) and light emitted from the front facet of the device is collected by the internal cavity of the integrating
  • Understanding Complexities of Patterned Coatings
    The majority of roll-to-roll coating projects use "blanket" or uniform continuous high precision coatings. Products ranging from imaging films to battery membranes to optical display device components typically employ blanket coatings where exceptional thickness control is required
  • TSL3301 with Microcontroller
    The TAOS TSL3301 linear optical sensor array with analog-to-digital converter simplifies acquisition of 102-pixel, single-dimension images using simple 8-bit microcontrollers. All communication with the device occurs using three digital (TTL-compatible) lines: SDIN, the serial data input
  • Solid-state relays
    trigger-current to actuate the power device. Optical coupling is the most widely used type because the components are small and inexpensive. Moreover, on/off switching times are faster, and the blocking voltages also typically far exceed those possible with transformer-coupled units. The majority of SSRs can
  • Smart Computing Article - Setting Up, Starting & Shutting Down
    to the computer, specifically the floppy drives, hard drives, and optical drives. Most computers have the BIOS set to automatically detect the types of drives that are connected. Changing from AUTO to the actual device type will significantly speed up the BIOS boot process. Make a note
  • Development and Application of a MHz Frame Rate
    ) with individual pulse energies exceeding 75 mJ at 532 nm. The camera, having a single optical input, is comprised of an internal image splitter unit and four individual intensified, frame-straddling, 1280 x 1024 pixel, CCD camera modules. The combined laser and camera system provides imaging frame rates

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