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  • Optical Shaft Encoders
    Rotary and linear optical encoders are common in position and motion sensing. Here, a disc or plate containing opaque and transparent segments passes between an LED and detector to interrupt a light beam. All rotary encoders consist of a light source, light detector, code wheel, and signal
  • Optical Incremental and Absolute Rotary Encoders
    The purpose of an encoder is to act as a position feedback device as part of an integrated control system. The encoder is an electro-optomechanical device that attaches to a rotating shaft providing angular position information to a counter or controller. An optical encoder uses a code disk
  • Linear Encoders - Out With Glass, In With Steel
    of optical technology when it's used in linear motion applications.
  • When to go Linear
    Optical or magnetic linear encoders handle high-res needs in dirty jobs. Magnetic-based linear encoders combined with linear guides and motor stages, like those used on this linearmotion-platform, offer direct measuring and control systems that are simple, accurate, and handle contaminants well
  • Linear-Measuring System Saves Space
    mm not accurate enough for machinetool applications. Direct-measurement, linear-displacement systems are a step up. In these devices, a sensor reads position from a scale along the entire length of the linear axis. Combined with numericaldisplacement interpolation, the units deliver positioning
  • Measuring the long haul
    use of a metal-tape linear encoder system, a rotary absolute encoder, or laser reflectometer. A relatively new technique is designed to overcome many of the drawbacks these methods entail. It employs a linear profile that is somewhat analogous to the stainless-steel tape used by some linear encoders
  • Positioning Components
    and incremental types. Incremental encoders typically generate a pulse for every increment of motion over which they travel. To gauge position, a controller counts the pulses. The most common incremental encoders are rotary optical encoders, linear optical encoders, and linear magnetic encoders. Other types
  • Measure Angles on Rotating Systems with High Resolution
    A common approach to measuring distance or angle in a rotating system is by using an incremental encoder or resolver. The majority of industrial applications, such as machines or drives, are dominated by optical encoder -either with incremental or absolute output of the distance or angle. However

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