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Parts by Number for Optical Liquid Level Switch Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
OLS-12 Allied Electronics, Inc. DWYER INSTRUMENTS Not Provided Switch, Level;OLS series;Optical;1/2in npt;PFA;10-28VDC,NPN collector;Liquids
OLS-10 Allied Electronics, Inc. DWYER INSTRUMENTS Not Provided Switch, Level;OLS series;Optical;1/2in npt;316SS;10-28VDC,NPN collector;Liquids

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  • Optical Level Switch Selection and Wiring Notes (.pdf)
    at the head of the device. When no liquid is present, light from the LED is internally reflected from the dome to the phototransistor. Optical Level Switch Selection: Madison Company, Inc. Madison Company. Sensor solutions for today and the future TM. 1.800.466.5383 203.488.4477 Contact Us. Sensor
  • Liquid Level/Interface Monitoring in Flocculant/Sludge Control (.pdf)
    sensing technologies have. been tried as level/interface sensors in wastewater treatment. In municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, applications. Optical detectors, for example, have not been. sludge clarifiers are utilized to separate solids from the. particularly successful because
  • How to Specify Liquid Flowmeters
    procedures!. in an open channel, with a liquid. level measuring device that can. Each of these flowmeters has its. The most common method of. be a float or an ultrasonic level. own strengths and weaknesses: using this principle is with an. meter or similar. Flumes are. every different flowmeter
  • Case Study: Float Switch Technology Replacement with Electronic Sensor for Cost Reduction
    Sensor Solutions. Optical Proximity Sensor Solutions. Speed and Position Sensor Solutions. Fast, FREE, Advice on Liquid Level Sensors. Glossary of Terms. Value Added Sensors. Sensing for Military Generators. Health & Safety Issue Solved. Fluid Sensing. Float Switch Replacement. Customer Ecstatic
  • Ultrasonic Sensors, The Silent Laborers
    sensors is clearly. evident. Ultrasonic sensors however are also utilized to monitor rolling and unrolling. processes, sag control, level measurement of granulates and liquids, as well as for. positioning functions. The application in Picture 3 shows two ultrasonic proximity. switches in PNP-format
  • Field-Effect Sensors for Fluid Detection Applications (.pdf)
    sensing technology is ideally suited for sump, lift station, underground vault, wet well and storm water fluid level management applications. Field-Effect Sensors for Fluid Detection Applications FiEld-EFFEct SEnSoRS FoR Fluid dEtEction ApplicAtionS. Executive Summary. ultrasonic, and optical
  • Medical Device Link .
    stainless-steel spring, making them highly durable and flexible. The ISO 9002 certified manufacturer also produces single- and multilumen tubing, optical fiber, wire sheathing, extruded sheets, and rod components. International Polymer Engineering, Booth 207 Springs A full-service company manufactures
  • 4.01: Geek Page
    . Liquid crystals exhibit the molecular symmetry characteristic of a crystal, but not along every axis. This results in their unique optical properties. Depending on how its molecules are aligned, a liquid crystal will either scatter light or let light pass through. By using an electrical field to control

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