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  • Electron Microscope
    to optical microscopes. Several types of electron microscopes exist such as scanning electron microscopes (SEM), transmission electron microscopes (TEM) or scanning transmission electron microscopes (STEM).
  • Comparing Tactile and Optical Technologies (.pdf)
    . The next developmental step in surface finish was the use of optical microscopes which allowed a magnified. view of surface characteristics. Again, measurement was comparative, but the various degrees of magnification. and differing fields of view afforded led to the concept of sampling lengths
  • Interferometric Microscopes
    microscopes are useful in wafer or semiconductor manufacturing, MEMS production, optical component fabrication, precision machined surfaces (ground, lapped, honed and superfinished parts), plating and thin film coatings and layers, wear surfaces, surface research, biomaterials and implants, and high
  • Factors to Consider When Selecting a Stereo Microscope
    of the Greenough stereo microscope with depth of field range. Even more depth of field – FusionOpticsTM. A sophisticated optical approach that cancels the correlation between resolution and depth of field in stereo microscopes is FusionOptics™. Here, one of the light paths provides one eye of the observer
  • Wavelength-scalable hollow optical
    Conventional solid-core optical fibres require highly transparent. materials. Such materials have been difficult to identify owing to. the fundamental limitations associated with the propagation of. light through solids, such as absorption, scattering and nonlinear. effects. Hollow optical fibres
  • Optical Touch Pointer for Fluorescence Guided
    involving optical measurements in the operat-. the slit configuration of the detector. A miniature micro-. ing room (OR) is the superimposition of surrounding. positioner (OFR, Inc., Caldwell, NJ) was mounted at the. light sources including surgical lamps and microscope on. interface of laser and fiber
  • Application Note: Using Optical Fluids and Gels (.pdf)
    fluids and gels include: fiber optic splices & connectors (Bellcore. GR-2919), electro-optic components, projection & display optronics, optical instruments, boroscopes &. endoscopes, microscope stage optics, optical transceivers, and optical sensors. Nye’s Optical Products are organized into three
  • Interface for Laser Scanning Microscope
    This customer needs to interface a scanning laser microscope to their PC so that image data can be acquired and stored. Data is received from the laser microscope via an optical sensor at 1300 line scans per image. Each scan has an 8ms duration, but 2/3 of that time is. Page Not Found | GaGe