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  • Optical Touch Pointer for Fluorescence Guided
    involving optical measurements in the operat-. the slit configuration of the detector. A miniature micro-. ing room (OR) is the superimposition of surrounding. positioner (OFR, Inc., Caldwell, NJ) was mounted at the. light sources including surgical lamps and microscope on. interface of laser and fiber
  • Automated Optical Positioning Helps Automate FT-IR Analysis
    analysis capability recently revealed defects in a printed paper sample that could not be detected with a conventional microscope. Automated Optical Positioning Helps Automate FT-IR Analysis. Automated Optical Positioning Helps Automate FT-IR Analysis. The incorporation of software control
  • Digital Microscope Helps Detect Counterfeit Currency
    Benchmark for Optical Profiling. 06. Digital Microscopes leica DVM5000 – 2000. CON. The Reflection Tamer. 22. homogeneous Dome Illuminator. How Much “Digital” Do You Really Need?. 08. for Difficult Samples. Trends in Microscopy. REGISTRATION 21. DUAl CORE MEASURING MICROSCOPE. IMPRINT. 23
  • Understanding Spatial Filters
    the central maximum of the diffraction pattern (see illustration). Also, when a laser beam passes through a system, dust in the air or on optical components can disrupt the beam and create scattered light. This scattered light can leave unwanted ring patterns in the beam profile. The spatial filter
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
    , and Absorption. Percent Transmission and Optical Density. Brightness of Fluorescence Signal. Fluorescence Filters. Fluorescence Filter Types. Multiband Filter Sets. Chroma Nomenclature and Conventions. Filter Characteristics. Optical Properties & Specifications. Explanation of Chroma’s specific
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Expanded pupil technology dispenses with the requirement to precisely align the eye with the center of each eyepiece, adds Curtis. "You can move your eye around and look at the outer parts of the optical field without losing the full image area." Another advantage of the ISIS system, according
  • Evaluation of confocal microscopy system performance
    incompatibility of the fiber-optic polarization with laser polarization, thermal instability of the acoustical optical transmission filter (AOTF), and laser noise. The sensitivity of the system was measured using a 10- mm Spherotech bead and the PMTs were assessed with the CV concept (image noise
  • Medical Device Link .
    Equipment Services Inc., P.O. Box 19108, Johnston, RI 02919. Optical measurement systems A company makes noncontact optical measurement systems that incorporate aspects of optical comparators, toolmaker's microscopes, and coordinate measuring machines. Available in either manual or automatic

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