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  • High Density, Angled Optical Fiber Array and Method
    across the face of the array, or vice versa, a grinding and/or polishing compound, typically suspended in a carrying liquid, such as water, is introduced between the lap and the array face. Such grounding and polishing compounds can be typical of those commonly used in the optical grinding and polishing
  • Medical Device Link .
    bone screws, self-cutting flutes, and helicoidal drills. The company also offers honing and polishing systems for hip implants, and laser marking machines for bone screws and other implants. Custom machines are also developed. A company specializes in the production of rubber components used
  • AN0016 Micro-sectioning of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
    . Micro sectioning Of Multilayer Ceramic. Capacitors. Introduction. Potting of Components. Grinding of Micro Section. Polishing of Micro Section. Fracture Sections. Examples of Sectioning Artifacts. Structural Abnormalities. Ceramic Grain Size. Introduction. Preparation of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
  • MICRO: Products
    that have more than one cassette or an additional thin-film inspection module sharing the same robot. Based on an optical design using a blue laser diode, the compact system outputs a full 2-D color map of the wafer surface in minutes, showing not only the distribution but also the sizes of defects
  • Medical Device Link .
    to computer systems. Precision spinning of optical mirrors used in bar code readers. Driving precision buffing and polishing systems, such as those used for semiconductor wafer burnishing. Providing controlled high-speed acceleration in laboratory centrifuges. Implementing high-speed dental drills
  • Medical Device Link . Top Products and Services of the Year: Reader's Choice (continued)
    , polishing, and bonding. The Tube Gripper uses a pressurized elastomeric bladder that prevents damage to the item being held. Capable of withstanding axial loads up to 10 lb without slippage, the stainless-steel device is available in five sizes that can accommodate components up to 0.500 in. diam

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