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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
600EN-128-CBL Honeywell Sensing and Control Honeywell Sensing and Control Sensors - Rotary Position Sensors - Encoders 600 Series optical, 128 pulse per revolution, 2-square wave
1006561 Radwell Sick Optic Electronic Sensors & Switches, Sensor Accessory OPTICAL TRIANGULATION POSITION SENSOR 24VDC 20MS

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  • Optical Triangulation Sensors
    Optical triangulation sensors use reflected waves, whose source may be a LED, infrared, or laser source to pinpoint position and displacement. A sensor, usually integrally housed with the emitter, detects the beam reflected off the surface or object and provides an output that varies
  • Position Sensors and Position-Sensing Instruments
    resistive, optical triangulation, photoelectric, position displacement, ultrasonic, and variable resistance technology sensors. Position-sensing instruments also include laser micrometers, linear encoders, linear potentiometers, and linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs). Rotary position
  • Sensor Sense: Optical data transmission
    Optical data transmission (ODT) offers a means of sending data between moving objects without some of the drawbacks associated with radio-frequency and wired-communications methods. ODT essentially replaces the radio waves or electrical wires with a beam of light. The sensors in ODT devices
  • All From One Mold - Optical, Ultra Sound, Inductive and Capacitive Sensors
    , especially where different sensor technologies are required. The proven and time-tested sensor series 20 from Baumer Electric offers all sensor technologies currently on the market in a compact plastic casing with small installation depth: The range of products consists of optical, inductive
  • Fast Response Optical Sensors Prove Invaluable in Demanding Gaging Applications
    that can easily be accounted for. For confined spaces, the optical fiber probes can be bent or prisms can be attached to redirect the direction of light. Armored cable and non-metallic jackets coupled with ceramic tips extend the usefulness of the equipment into production and high vacuum applications
  • Tight Squeeze: Optical Imaging For Cramped Quarters
    , and geometric errors. Now more than ever before semiconductor equipment such as wirebonders and surface profiling equipment requires integrated sensors that can monitor a process or locate material. These sensors are often optical imaging systems. Yet I have visited many semiconductor equipment
  • Adding a Tiny Position Sensor to Existing Digital Still Cameras Reduces Power Use, Improves Autofocus and Zoom Performance
    can be used to either upgrade existing open-loop stepper motor systems, or to replace existing optical encoders with a smaller, more precise sensor. In either case, the precise position feedback enables faster, more precise focus and/or zoom. The resulting lens system will use less power and cut
  • Using Photodetectors for Position Sensing (.pdf)
    Applications are expanding rapidly in the use of electro-optical instruments to measure angle, distance, heights, centering, surface uniformity, and other parameters related to position sensing. Applications also include dynamic measurements such as vibration and dynamic balancing, which require
  • Proximity Sensors
    to detect, the upper switching range of these devices is about 50 Hz. Primary applications are in bulk-handling machines, level detectors, and package detection. One advantage of capacitive sensors is that they are unaffected by dust or opaque containers, allowing them to replace optical devices. A typical
  • Linear Array: Position Detection Using Maximal Length Sequences
    What type of optical encoding technique can be used with linear sensor arrays to perform position sensing with high accuracy, with high tolerance to wobble and misalignment?. Binary encoded disks are often used for optical encoding applications as a means of accurately detecting position