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Parts by Number for Optical Pyrometer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
218F02000000620 PLC Radwell Ircon Sensors & Switches, Temperature Transmitter PYROMETER MODLINE AUTO OPTICAL 1100-1800 DEG F

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  • Rexnord Corporation (Horsham, PA), Manufactures Industrial Power Transmission Products
    , Flame Treating Systems was contacted to upgrade the equipment. In its overhaul of the Flamatic system, FTSI added an optical pyrometer, flow meters, electronic ignition and computer-based electronic controller. Operation of the unit involves rotating AISI 4150 steel parts between flame heads at 30
  • Infrared Heaters Increase Efficiency of Painting Honda Bumpers (.pdf)
    . optimum heating density for fast and efficient drying. Specifically, seven emitters are arranged in the roof section, four. emitters are arranged in each of the two vertical sections and one emitter is located in each of the two upper and lower. angled sections. Three optical pyrometers measure
  • Case Study - Drying Coating on Airbags Using IR
    system is controlled by an optical pyrometer, which measures the surface temperature of the fabric and then transmits a signal to regulate the power of emitters within the infrared module, which is mounted above the fabric web. The cloth is coated with silicone on both sides but the critical heating
  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement and Control (.pdf)
    emissivity value is taken into account. The transmitted. radiation is received by a sensitive instrument containing an optical system, to focus the. radiation onto a sensor which produces a smal electrical signal related to temperature. This is the basis of non-contact thermometry. It is worth noting
  • Case Study - Curing Adhesives on Pipeline Insulation
    to a cold. surface. Precise temperature control is provided by optical. pyrometers for modules 1, 3 and 5. The QRC emitters used in this application provide high energy short. wave radiation rapidly and responsively. They feature a new quartz. reflective coating with a special nano-and micro-structure
  • Correct Use of IR Thermometer
    on the. temperature of the object. Since the molecule movement represents charge displacement,. electromagnetic radiation (photon particles) is emitted. These photons move at the speed of. light and behave according to the known optical principles. They can be deflected, focused. with a lens, or reflected
  • Introducing a Control Solution for Weld Seam Normalizing (.pdf)
    when normalizing the newer types of pipe. optical sensor to check the top of the pipe for excess weld bead. or other protrusions that might damage the induction coils. When. The chal enges faced by pipe manufacturers have prompted EFD. an abnormality is detected, a powerful servo motor swiftly moves
  • The World's Most Advanced Linear Variable Differential Transformer Signal Conditioner
    and Sensing. Electric and Magnetic Sensor. Energy Sensor. Environmental Monitoring Sensor. Fire Monitoring Sensor. Flow Sensor. Gas Sensor. Gyroscopes. Humidity Sensor. Light / Image Sensor. Magnetic Sensors. Manufacturing / Automation. Medical Sensor. Motion Sensor. Optical Sensors. Position Sensor
  • Process temperature measurement practice--non-contacting
    . - The object must by optical y visible. Large. amounts of dust or smoke affect the measurement as. wel as solid obstructions. Measurements cannot be. made within closed metal reaction vessels. - The optics in the measuring head must be protect-. ed from dust and condensing liquids. - Only surface

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