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  • Optically Bonding Electronic Displays
    of the LCD is left in place and the cover glass is bonded within the viewing area of the display. Rear-surface bonding - the LCD is disassembled and an optical filter (e.g., transparent heater) is optically bonded to the rear surface of the display. This design is used for low temperature operation
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    not couple well with the longer UV wavelength, and other more optically transparent materials. The machine is also available in a solid-state laser configuration for direct-write. MPMN: Spotlight. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical
  • Optical Bonding of LCDs, OLEDs and Plasma Displays
    or less rigid substrate, such as an LCD, OLED, Plasma display, touch sensor or anti-vandal shield. Using the qualifier optical implies that the adhesive is transparent, has a suitable refractive index and is made under adequate control that there are no significant variations in optical properties
  • MICRO: Optimizing polymers to increase pellicle lifetime and transmission for 157-nm lithography
    an optically transparent, radiation-durable 157-nm pellicle, the guiding principle is to minimize the optical absorption of all pellicle materials. Lowering optical absorption maximizes transparency and reduces the potential danger of radiation-induced photochemical darkening. Minimizing all contributors
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    partial destruction of the substrate. A refractive index close to that of water makes it optically transparent. If the surface treatment is going to be applied to glass in applications such as slides, petri dishes, or sampling ampules, transparency gives users a maximum visual of what is being
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    that they are partially transparent. Three or four multilayer stacks, or metallisation layers of thicknesses above 1 nm can also be measured provided some degree of transparency remains. Applications. Today 's optical measuring systems can be used to measure coatings applied as passivation layers to. implant
  • Enhanced Imager Chip Packaging for Automotive Applications (.pdf)
    the packaging of. optically active portion of the chip, measured in inches. imager chips and conventional integrated circuit chips. For example, an 1 inch optical format chip would have a. using this technology is the use of a transparent lid in. photosensitive region diagonal dimension of 16mm[3
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    fluoride (PVDF) film. This consists of a plastic polymer sheet coated with a thin electrically conductive and optically transparent indium tin oxide layer. The cartridge also acts as the blood collection device. As the sample is drawn into the cartridge, it resuspends the dried reporter label, which

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