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Parts by Number for Opto MOSFET Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
BFL104E200 Allied Electronics, Inc. CARLO GAVAZZI INC Not Provided Light Curtain, 22 Diodes, 104 Beams, IP54, Opto-Mosfet Output
LCC110 Newark / element14 CLARE Not Provided CLARE - LCC110 - SSR; OPTO MOSFET; 350V; 120mA
LCB110S Newark / element14 CLARE Not Provided CLARE - LCB110S - SSR; OPTO MOSFET; 350V; 120mA
LCA710 Newark / element14 CLARE Not Provided CLARE - LCA710 - SSR; OPTO MOSFET; 60V; 1A
FOD3184TSR2 Digi-Key Fairchild Semiconductor Isolators OPTO MOSFET/IGBT GATE DVR 8-SMD
BFL104E200I Allied Electronics, Inc. CARLO GAVAZZI INC Not Provided Light Curtain, 22 Diodes, 104 Beams, IP65, Opto-Mosfet Output
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Conduct Research Top

  • Using NEC Optocouplers as Gate Drivers in IGBT and Power MOSFET Applications
    . Staff Applications Engineer, CEL Opto Semiconductors. 1. Introduction. todiode (PD), signal processing circuit, and large-current. Rising concern for environmental issues and energy. output circuit are also integrated into the device. savings is driving growth in the use of dynamic power. 14. control
  • Overview of NEC / CEL Optocoupler Products for Motor Control Applications (.pdf)
    . ./a971ed8a-62bf-48dd-92ca-0f008fd8565d White PaPer. WP4001. Overview of NEC/CEL Optocoupler Products for. Motor Control Applications. by Van N. Tran. Staff Application Engineer, CEL Opto Semiconductors. Introduction. Direct Drive of MOSFET / IGBT with. Optocoupler Devices: This paper addresses various applications where NEC
  • Trimming The Output Voltage Of DC/DC Converters
    . +. +Vin. +Vout. Vo = 2Vout (WHEN REFERENCED TO -Vout). -. +. Q1. SYSTEM. R. GROUND. PWM. VA. CC. -. S. -. -Vout. U1. G. +. RF. COMP. I. D. Q2. (VA < 0V). -Vin. D1. RA. OPTO. -. ERROR. OP-AMP. Vo ADJUST. +. Rin. RX. VREF. FIGURE 2. Adjustable bipolar output DC/DC converter using. a current source
  • Optocoupler Performance Comparison: NEC PS9552 vs. Avago HCPL-3120
    Applications Engineer, CEL Opto Semiconductors. Information and data presented here is subject to change without notice. California. Eastern Laboratories assumes no responsibility for the use of any circuits described. 4590 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054-1817. herein and makes no representations
  • Synchronization
    on the datasheet. Other isolation components such. referenced to the -INPUT while the external clock is ref-. as small signal isolation transformers or high-speed opto-. erenced to system ground, a capacitor can be used for. isolators can also be used, but they require more parts. isolation. Depending
  • NEC Solid State Relays for ATE Applications
    , CEL Opto Semiconductors. Larry Sisken. CEL Product Marketing Manager, CEL Opto Semiconductors. Wei Z. Jiang. Graduate Intern (MSEE), SJSU. 1. Introduction. 2.2 Reed Relays. A relay is used to isolate one electrical circuit from another. Coil. It uses a low current control circuit to make or break
  • Testing Transient Responce In DC/DC Converters
    . The above DC/DC converter (flyback) has a mini-. 10nS. 50nS. +. +. V OUT. -. PWM. 75nS. VIN. 500nS. MINUTE. ERROR AMPLIFIER. 3 TO 5. µS. AND REFERENCE. OPTO ISOLATOR. -. 1 S. µ MINIMUM. FIGURE 1. Delay times of an optically-isolated flyback converter. obvious reasons. A transient response test can
  • - Circuits
    section. Typical optocoupled FET driving circuit works so that the LED shines to many series connected photocells which make the control voltage to FET gate to make it conductive. The relay can be made to pass current to both directions using pair of MOSFETs in the relay output. This kind of MOSFET

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