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Sulfur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Density (near r.t.) (alpha) 2.07 g·cm?3 Density (near r.t.) (beta) 1.96 g·cm?3

Effects of accelerated carbonation on the microstructure of...
Title: Effects of accelerated carbonation on the microstructure of Portland cement pastes containing reactive MgO Authors: Liwu Mo, Daman K. Panesar

Utilization of Pakistani bentonite as partial replacement of...
The workability, fresh concrete density and water absorption decreased as the ordinary Portland cement substitution by bentonite increased.

MIT - Hamlin M. Jennings Publications List | Department of...
for the Existence of a Protective Membrane Surrounding Portland Cement During the Induction Period,? Cement and Concrete Research, 9, 501?506, 1979.

ASTM International - Standards Worldwide
Kosmatka, vice president of research and technical services at the Portland Cement Association in Skokie, Ill.
See ASTM International Information

Materials Science-Based Models in Support of Internal Curing
Weber and Reinhardt [23 have presented a detailed analysis of water transport from lightweight aggregates to cement paste.

ARTICLES Composition and density of nanoscale...
ARTICLES Composition and density of nanoscale calcium?silicate?hydrate in cement ANDREW J. ALLEN1*, JEFFREY J. THOMAS2 AND HAMLIN M. JENNINGS2,3 1

Study on Factors Affecting Early Strength of Paste-Like...
material with ordinary portland cement; 8-hour strength of paste-like backfill material varies approximately linearly with both density of slurry and

Concrete at high temperatures above 1000/spl deg/C
1200/spl deg/C. Keywords: melting high temperatures concrete Portland Type I cement thermal gravity analysis differential thermal analysis X-ray

April 30-May 4, 2006 882 Table 3 ? Concrete composition Components Portland cement M500-D0 Water Plasticizer Filling 1 (UO2 ceramics): Filling 2

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