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  • Orifice Plates

    Orifice plates are simple and cost-effective flat pieces of metal with a specific-sized, bored-in hole. They constrict the flow of a fluid to produce a differential pressure (DP) across the plate. Orifice plates tend to have a higher-pressure loss than other DP meters, but can handle both clean

  • Modern Electronics Meet Turbine Meters

    readings of flow conditions that affect their automated manufacturing processes. Likewise, turbine meters are replacing DP orifice plates and other traditional industrial flow sensing devices in custody transfer applications involving both liquid and gas. Volumetric Measuring Technique. A turbine meter

  • Introduction to Flow Meters

    to see a larger size. Some technical information on the Ultrasonic Transit-Time Flowmeter. A chart showing the basic Venturi vs. Orifice Pressure loss relationship. Click on the image to see a larger size. A chart showing the effect of Reynolds numbers on Various Flowmeters. Click on the image

  • Advanced Flow Meter Technology to the Rescue

    and, at first, considered only the purchase price. In Finland 's power industry, the Instrumentation/Automation department typically purchases the lowest cost flow meter (most often either orifice plate or magnetic flow meters). The goal is to reduce costs on the technology purchase. In the beginning

  • Differential Pressure Meters

    Differential pressure meters (DP) include orifice plates, venturi tubes, flow nozzles, cone types, Pitot tubes, target meters, elbow tap meters and rotameters. The basic operating principle of differential pressure flowmeters is that the pressure drop across the meter is proportional to the square

  • "Smart" Turbine Meters Improve Flow Sensing Performance In The Aerospace Industry (.pdf)

    aircraft, this feature is key. Typical Applications. A manufacturer prototyping a new helicopter platform, for example, may need to. test the performance of an orifice or pump, or monitor engine heating, under. various flight conditions. Flow measurements must not only be extremely. accurate, but data

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  • Energy Meter Running With Neutral Wire

    Dear all, We are living in small apartment. It is having 7 houses. All 7 seven house having individual energy meter ( L&T make, 240V, 5-20A, CL-1) and one common disc meter (8th meter) for borewell and varanda light and external lights. All 8 meters are connected Parallelly, We are facing a pr

  • Scientists Create 3-D Wiring Diagram Of Mouse Brain

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Scientists have created a detailed, three-dimensional wiring diagram of the mouse brain. That should help researchers seek clues about how the human brain works in health and disease.It''s the first brain-wide wiring diagram for a mammal at such a level of detail. While it doesn''t reveal every connection between each of the rodent''s 75 million brain cells, it shows how parts of the brain are connected.The work was described online Wednesday in the journal Nature by Hongkui Zeng and colleagues at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle.

  • Research and Markets: Global Flow Meters (Differential Pressure, Positive Displacement, Magnetic, Ultrasonic, Coriolis Turbine, Vortex) Market 2014-2019

    DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/3mrb4f/flow_meters) has announced the addition of the "Flow Meters Market by Type & by Application - Global Trends & Forecast to 2019" report to their offering. Flow meters are used to quantify the bulk fluid or gas movement. Different kinds of flow meters that are used to measure fluid or gas flows include differential pressure, positive displacement, magnetic, ultrasonic, coriolis, turbine, vorte

  • Incorrect CT Ration

    Hi, We have come across a meter in a building we are working on that has the incorrect CT ratio programmed in to it. The meter is set up for 100/5 CT, however the actual CT installed are 600/5. We can reprogram the meter so that going forward data is correct, however what calculation would i need

  • LEED v4 Increases Technical Rigor with Advanced Energy Metering, BAS Integration & Data Sharing

    Facility Managers Turn to Smart Meters to Comply with LEED v4 With the introduction of LEED v4, facility managers face tougher metering requirements. In response, they are turning to advanced energy "smart meters" to easily access more granular energy data when measuring and verifying their building's energy consumption. read more

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Nice Instrumentation, Inc.
Why use an Orifice Plate

is designed from ONE-PIECE technology with NO o-rings, seals, impulse lines or pressure transmitters like an Orifice Plate. Maintenance Free Design: The Vortex Plate has no parts that can wear over time and no impulse lines that can clog or require maintenance like an Orifice Plate. Superior Accuracy and Repeatability: Our Vortex Plate has an accuracy of ±.5% of reading while always maintaining ±.25% repeatability unlike an Orifice Plate opening that wears over time and effects meters...

Daniel Measurement and Control Inc.
Custom Gas Flow Meters

to help companies around the world reduce measurement uncertainty and improve their bottom line. From our Senior® Orifice Fitting, the most widely used device in gas measurement, to intelligent ultrasonic meters that ensure higher accuracy and greater rangeability (turn-down) than traditional measurement instruments, Daniel products continue to be highly specified for gas and liquid measurement.

Daniel Measurement and Control Inc.
Custom Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Daniel oil and gas fiscal flow measurement products meet or exceed international hydrocarbon measurement standards. From production to transportation to distribution, Daniel's innovative products have proven their value in a wide range of demanding measurement applications. Daniel leverages over 80 years of custody transfer expertise to help companies around the world reduce measurement uncertainty and improve their bottom line. From our Senior® Orifice Fitting, the most widely used device...