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  • Piping Change Nearly Leaves Engineer Up The River Without A Paddle
    pipe run of 15 feet, which was insufficient in length for accurate water flow measurement with the existing orifice plate flow meter already in place. McCrometer | Case Studies | Eastman Chemical Plant. industry centers products literature support news about us trade
  • Piping Change Nearly Leaves Engineer Up the River Without a Paddle
    pipe run of 15 feet, which was insufficient in length for accurate water flow measurement with the existing orifice plate flow meter already in place. To solve the flow measurement accuracy problem, Eastman staff contacted applications engineers at McCrometer and asked them to review the situation
  • Torch Height Control for Automated Plasma Cutting Applications
    roughly .062 in to .100 in off the plate being cut . . . often some type of standoff device is used to maintain this critical distance. If an exposed nozzle on a handheld plasma torch cutting at 30 amps or higher contacts the plate even momentarily, damage can occur to the nozzle orifice that affects
  • Self-Conditioning Flow Meter Solves Measurement Challenges for LNG Processing and Distribution
    years and all but eliminates the need to shut down production for calibrations, inspections or regular primary element replacement needed for an orifice plate. It saves money by increasing production up-time and reducing labor costs.
  • Medical Device Link .
    plunger-type valves with 2-way (normally closed) function only. Proprietary flipper- or rocker-design actuating mechanisms can now be found on 3-way valves with all three ports in the base as well as on 2-way (normally open and normally closed) valves. These are being produced in a range of orifice
  • Modern Electronics Meet Turbine Meters
    many other flow meter designs, turbine meters have the advantage of being a direct measurement instrument. For example, a differential pressure transmitter with an orifice plate requires a pressure differential to be created by an obstruction in the pipe. The DP transmitter measures the differential
  • Medical Device Link .
    demands while still meeting flow-control requirements. In response, suppliers have employed creative thinking and strategic use of design tools to produce new valves that offer the tiny size and high throughput that OEMs seek. Small Valve, Large Orifice. Solenoid valves direct the flow of air
  • Advanced Flow Meter Technology To The Rescue For Aging Power Plant
    : magnetic or orifice flow measurement. The problem with both of these flow meter technologies -magnetic and orifice plate -is that they require significant upstream and downstream straight diameter pipe runs in order to achieve a regular, consistent flow of media that is suitable for accurate flow
  • The Town of Walden Responds to Changing Measurement Needs
    when irregular or crowded piping and equipment are in place because its self-conditioning cone design greatly reduces the straight pipe-run required for accurate measurement. Other flow technologies, such as orifice plate, turbine or venturi tube meters, often require complex or expensive construction

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