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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CSIM11-ORP-L   Campbell Scientific, Inc. Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Electrodes The CSIM11-ORP is a versatile sensor that measures oxidation reduction potential (ORP). The sensor is designed for submersion or insertion into tanks, pipelines, and open channels. The CSIM11-ORP is similiar to the CSIM11, but includes a 0.2 inch platinum band wrapped around the glass electrode...
PHH-128   OMEGA Engineering, Inc. Water Quality Testing Instruments or oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) (probe sold separately) and temperature. The precision pH monitor immediately detects changes in solution pH or ORP. The multi-parameter water quality monitor is a versatile instrument with a reliable multi-probe system which is easy to read, economical and can be used...
ROPT-100   Siemens Water Technologies Reverse Osmosis Elements and Systems contains level controls that prevent the RO feed pump from running out of water preventing the tank from overflowing. The reaction tank contains a mixer and Hach probes for pH and ORP signals. The pH and ORP signals are displayed on the Hach transmitters in the control panel. The output signals from...
TDS6-SALT6   OAKTON Instruments Conductivity Electrodes The Oakton Instruments PCD 650 conductivity/dissolved oxygen meter requires an Oakton ORP Probe (purchased separately) to take mV readings.The Oakton Instruments PCD 650 conductivity/dissolved oxygen meter is durable, waterproof, and dustproof and have an an IP67 rating. Even with no probes...

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  • Introduction to Oxidation Reduction Potential Measurement (.pdf)
    is > 50 mV, replace the ORP probe. Measurement in Various Applications. Typically, probes should be calibrated to verify performance. An ORP standard should be used to determine the actual mV offset value for. correction of measurement values. Take several readings in the same ORP standard to verify
  • Advanced Oxidation Ditch Performance (.pdf)
    , the oxidation ditch becomes an anoxic reactor, and nitrate is converted to nitrogen gas. The ORP probe measurements in the ditch provide the control system information to determine when to terminate the off cycle and start aeration. The desired off cycle is one that depletes all the nitrate
  • Controlling The Addition Of Chlorine Into A Process
    . 3. pH/ORP CONTROLLER. ORP. CTRL1. CTRL2. AUX1. AUX2. CONTROLLER. PREV. NEXT. EXIT. ENTER. METERING. PUMP. METERING. PUMP. ORP. SUBMERSION. ELECTRODE. pH. PROBE. Example of. Example of Flow. ORP Control. Proportional Control. Residual Chlorine. There are several technologies available for monitoring
  • Liquid Analysis in Mineral Processing
    This paper describes the process applications that take place after mining and prior to refining as they relate to pH / ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity.The implementation of the proper analytical sensors in the common metal extraction processes used today in the minerals industry go far
  • pH Tech Tips (.pdf)
    the life of your Myron L. and the solution being tested. Dehydration. pH or pH/ORP sensor. causes the reference solution to leach out of. The Myron L Company uses a general-purpose glass. the electrode cavity, and form crystals in the. pH sensor. This glass sensor may be used in most. junction
  • Instrumentation in Produced Water Applications
    is acceptable. Multiple parameters may need to be monitored in the final water: • Iron. • pH. • Free Chlorine. • Turbidity. • ORP. • Conductivity. • Temperature. After treatment, the water can be injected into a surface well, pumped into the sea, aquifer or a river, used for agriculture