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Hint 1: Verifying quadrature encoder signals in a motion control system Using a mixed analog and digital signal oscilloscope to simultaneously monitor the signal levels of a quadrature encoder, an LS7083 converter chip, and a motor's positive lead. Hint 2: Implementing a simple voltage follower...

...and fixture used during the test. As the rotor was rotated, the output of each probe was captured on an oscilloscope and is presented in Figure 2. Clearly the Push-Pull technology provides a much cleaner output signal. The resolution obtained was better than 0.5 microns at a measurement range of 1.5 mm...

A 50% or more cost adder is acceptable (vs. rotary design) primarily to achieve the desired operating sound level after considering the three alternatives for rotary and finding them unacceptable under the circumstances. An English speaking electrical technician capable of using an oscilloscope...

...higher accuracy and significantly more stable and repeatable measurements. The Results: Tests were performed to compare the results of a standard capacitance probe to that of MTII’s Push/Pull technology. As the rotor was rotated, the output of each sensor was captured on an oscilloscope...

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Agilent | Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry's First LXI...
Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry's First LXI Class C Compliant Oscilloscope Family Optimized for Test-System Use
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Test Equipment | Used Test Equipment | Refurbished Test...
Oscilloscope Power Supply (DC) Signal Generator Peak Power Meter -- Supplied With Manual and Power Cord
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Test equipment for sale or lease, new, used, refurbished,...
Quality-Manual(PDF) Veteran owned - Why does that matter?
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NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI...
National Instruments is an industry leader in multifunction DAQ devices for various measurement and monitoring needs.

PC-Based ECG Monitoring and Analysis Using BioBench -...
National Instruments has been a leader in the field of test and measurement and PC automation for years, supplying products for instrument control,

Leader Lbo 2060 Scope Dual Trace 60 Mhz Oscilloscope N4 Oscilloscope?page=19&page=1 Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

STMicroelectronics | How to configure the STM8A...

STMicroelectronics | Motor drive reference design kit
User Manual Format: (758 kb) or (75 kb)

K6LS Test Equipment Links
Leader Telulex Fluke Leeds & Northrup

Vertical Manual Actuator (VMA) - Semiconductor - Industry
Oscilloscope Power Supplies Probe System Leader LUCEO Technologies Luna Technologies
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