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Parts by Number for Oscilloscope PCI Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TEK-MSO70404   Electro Rent Corporation Oscilloscopes FB-DIMM Compliance Module HT3 - HDMI Compliance Testing IBA - InfiniBand Compliance Module JA3 - Advanced Jitter Analysis LT - Waveform Limit Testing PCE - PCI Express Analysis Software STU - Serial Protocol Trigger and Decode up to 5 Gb/s PWR - Power Measurement and Analysis RTE - Real Time Eye...
780320-03   National Instruments Oscilloscopes The NI PCI-5154 high-speed digitizer features 1 GHz analog bandwidth and an up to 2 GS/s real-time sample rate (20 GS/s equivalent-time sample rate for repetitive signals), making it ideal for acquisition and characterization of fast, nanosecond-edge speeds. The digitizer also comes equipped...
Agilent DSO9404A Hensley Technologies, Inc. Agilent Technologies, Inc. / Electronic Measurement Group Oscilloscopes into packets and time correlate between protocol and physical layers. Widest range of debug and compliance software applications. Serial protocol applications including I ²C, SPI, RS-232, CAN, PCI Express and USB. Serial physical layer applications including USB 2.0, DDR 1/2/3, and Ethernet...

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  • Using TESTPCIW for Deep Memory Captures
    TESTPCIW is a software utility supplied with Gage's oscilloscope emulation software for PCI bus CompuScopes, GagePCI. TESTPCIW is a very useful application for someone starting their own program development. This program can acquire data in several ways: in Memory Mode, the acquired data is stored
  • Capturing and Troubleshooting Serial Data Signals
    of the ones discussed here, the data might be sent via a very high speed protocol like the new super speed USB, SAS, SATA, PCI-Express or other multigigabit per second formats. The good news is that a single oscilloscope can now capture and analyze all speeds of signals and many of the techniques
  • Signal Integrity Performance of the Teledyne Relays GRF300/GRF303 Relay Series
    diagram is an informative tool for evaluating the digital signal transmission because it can provide visual information of the system performances plus possible imperfections. The eye diagram is an oscilloscope display of a digital signal, repetitively sampled to display the behavior of the device under
  • Agilent: Automotive Electronic Functional Test Using Agilent System Components
    . ASCII commands sent to them over a bus such as LAN,. LAN. USB or GPIB. An alternative to a PLC is an instrument. that actually has a computer built-in, such as an Agilent. GPIB/LAN. Via embedded PC. gateway. Infiniium oscilloscope. Such an instrument can be used. PXI. as the system controller. However
  • The New Era of Automated Test
    optimum performance while being 40 percent less expensive and 1/10 the size of comparable box solutions. Another example of leading measurement technology is the new NI PXIe-5186 digitizer. Co-developed by National Instruments and Tektronix™, the world’s leading oscilloscope manufacturer, the NI