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Parts by Number for Outdoor Enclosure Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
T1551 Digi-Key Amphenol Advanced Sensors Sensors, Transducers OUTDOOR AIR ENCLOSURE

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    Enclosures house electronic controls and electrical systems in indoor and outdoor applications, protecting sensitive components from extreme environments and hazards such as water, chemicals, extreme temperatures, dust and dirt. ./b4de8797-02e7-4fb3-8762-e48aab8f5c0a NON METALLIC ENCLOSURES
  • Mobile Communications Technology in an Outdoor Cabinet
    Well protected from wind and weather. Mobile communications technology outdoor cabinet. Home Case Studies E-Plus Mobile. Mobile communications technology in an outdoor cabinet. Well protected from wind and weather. Mobile communication has become a firmly established part of our lives
  • Art and Science Call the Shots For Cutting-Edge Enclosure Designs
    . They come in all colors and finishes and balance ergonomics with aesthetics. These features make them more attractive for communications equipment and easier to use for many HMI applications including multimedia tourist terminals, ATMs, ticket machines, and outdoor enclosures. A major benefit
    . resistance to some acids and alkalis than polycarbonate material in enclosure. STEP 4: An increasing number of customers are requesting enclosures that are highly designed,. are acceptable for many indoor and outdoor environments, but they typically will not. constructions that meet NEMA 4X requirements
  • Cooling Systems for Electronic Enclosures
    unwanted heat to the inside of the enclosure. inadequate protection of their investment in technology. These include: • Blast furnaces and foundries. • Engine rooms. • Food processing factories. • Industrial ovens. • Hot climates. • Manufacturing plants. • Outdoor solar heat gain. • Uninsulated
  • Polycarbonate Enclosures 101: A Guide for Specifiers
    standards for these criteria, the enclosure earns. the “F1” rating, designating that the enclosure has met UL standards after UV,. water exposure, and water immersion, and is suitable for outdoor use. Most PC. enclosures hold the “F1” rating. To earn an “F2” rating, the enclosure is subjected
  • Failure in Outdoor Video Surveillance Systems: What to Do About It
    a disturbing and potentially fatal weakness: cameras deployed outdoors have a very high rate of failure. Moxa Connection---Failure in Outdoor Video Surveillance Systems: What to Do About It. March 2012. Visit Featured Topic. Failure in Outdoor Video Surveillance Systems: What to Do About
    Gaskets are mechanical devices used to provide a leak-tight seal between two slightly irregular mating surfaces, such as an enclosure and its doors and accessories. In many indoor and outdoor applications, a properly mounted, well-performing gasket is critical to the protection of sensitive