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  • L300P/SJ300 Low Current Trip Function for Pumping Applications (.pdf)
    in other applications where it is important to know that there is no load on the motor. The inverter incorporates an intelligent output function called Overload Advance Notice [OL]. This is ordinarily used to detect motor current higher than a user selectable threshold set with parameter C041
  • A Simple Frequency Response Function
    the excitation. Fundamentally a frequency response function is a mathematical representation of the relationship between the input and the output of a system.
  • Guidebook to Function Generators (.pdf)
    One of the most common methods of troubleshooting defective audio equipment is to inject a signal from a function generator at the input of the device under test. An oscilloscope is then used to check the output at each stage, starting nearest the input and moving toward the output.
  • Sleep Mode For Function Generators
    Function Generators FG4024 and FG4048 can be put in sleep mode by transmitting all zeros to the serial DATA input. This is done by pulling up the LATCH input to a logic '1” and holding it high. The CLOCK signal can be removed or left active during sleep mode as shown in Figure 1. The sleep mode
  • [Chapter 10] 10.3 The system() Function<
    function executes a command supplied as an expression.[3] It does not, however, make the output of the command available within the program for processing. It returns the exit status of the command that was executed. The script waits for the command to finish before continuing execution
  • The Switching Function: Analysis of Power Electronic Circuits
    The Switching Function: Analysis of Power Electronic Circuits. By demonstrating the usefulness of the switching function in analyzing power electronic circuits, this text derives compact expressions for output voltage and current and input current.
  • Electronics
    a digital interface, a number of factors need to be considered. Below are the most common considerations. The data transfer rate will directly affect the number of frames per second a camera is able to output, as a function of the cameras resolution and pixel depth. For more information, contact our
  • Basics of PCD Series: Pulse Control LSIs (.pdf)
    . It also has an excitation sequence output function used with 2-phase stepper motors. You can select a suitable model for the number of axes you need to control (1 axis: PCD4500, PCD4511, 2 axes: PCD4521, 4 axes: PCD4541). Reference clock - This is the basic frequency used when operating the PCD. Similar

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